Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why I Can't Update Right Now

So remember when I said I fucked the shit outta my arm, well yeah, it's still got the shit fucked outta it. Like, hardcore, here's a series of photographs of it over the past couple days. It's getting "better" but I still can't grip a pen or pencil in it. Doc says i need to keep hittin' the pills, I guess at first I was taking only a quarter of what might have been considered helpful. Actually, even less, because I was taking one 200mg pill a day, and he wants me to take 4 200mg pills thrice a day. It won't be long before I am a total, hopeless pillhead. I'm so paranoid about pain killers, penicillin and all those other wonder drugs. I guess that's the kinda paranoia that was keeping me at one pill a day for this past week, but whatever, the doc says it's safe, and I guess I can trust him... i mean... unless he wants to hook me! Hook me on OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION! NO! It's a plan just insidious enough to work! I shoulda known, the medical professionals are always up to no good.
All kiddin' aside, we know it's not broken and that's good news, but I was told that if it's not better by Monday, I'm supposed to go in to get the lil' guy X-rayed. Might be nerve damage, might be something else, either way, I'm just hoping for as little time on pills as possible and a full recovery. If I couldn't draw anymore, all I could do is go home and... marry a SKUNK! Oh no wait, that was my contingency plan for if I lost my nose, and that's totally serious! That's all I could do! Marry a skunk! Something I couldn't smell. you might think a man without a nose could marry something that doesn't stink to high heaven, but it's not true, there's some weird law about it, and I think it's probably in the Bible, and part of Hammurabi's code, I'm surrounded on all sides by this pungent obligation. Anyway, that's neither here nor there, my nose is safely secured to my face (for now) and I'm off the skunks of the world's "hottest bachelors of 2010" list. My concern now is my arm and it's speedy recovery. As soon as I'm tip top again, i am going to finish Dave the Punk Rock Cat page 18 and upload it as soon as possible., This might result in another mid-week update, but I'm sure my sturdy readership can handle it. you guys are just so wonderful, I love you, but... as a friend, or rather, as a friends. Our bond transcends romantic entanglement as well as English grammar, which can rot in hell fors all I cares.So yeah, there you have it, nothing new perhaps, but then again, what is?

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