Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 20

Ooohhh... what a sad and drastic turn this already bizarre story took! Slightly autobiographical, not in the sense that I'm accusing Annie Lennox of stealing a song I supposedly wrote. Does this comic count as libel? CAN a comic be libel? i mean, by a nature, a comic is... well... comic. I am making light of a situation in a comic way. I'm not even necessarily saying that the events are true. It's like one of those stories some drunk rock and roller would tell you in a bar. "I TOTALLY wrote one of the most popular songs of the 1980's! But that BITCH Annie Lennox stole it from me! BARRFFFF"
So let me clarify, I am in no way trying to insinuate Annie Lennox is a plagiarist, in fact, I love Annie Lennox! Without revealing too much, I will admit she was my first celebrity crush, unless you count Chun Li, of Street Fighter fame, but I don't usually include her, because she's not a real person. But no, all I was trying to insinuate when I said this was autobiographical is that I know how much it sucks when the girls don't call back, especially the famous ones!
So! I had tried to make plans to go to Pride Weekend in SF, to try and represent the Lovebian brand. Sadly, I was not able to pull it together in time, but thankfully the rest of the Lovebian company was there in full force, representing themselves, and my designs :)
However, on a slightly more sour note, I am a little glad I wasn't there. Another friend of mine who WAS there had a close call with some erupting violence.
Here's a link for those of you who haven't read the news yet.
My buddy was three feet away from this firing, and came back somewhat rattled.
My first worry was that this was some kind of hate related shooting, which would be wretched enough. Thankfully, this suspicion was alter revealed to be false, as the rumours go, this violence was the result of some sort of personal feud between the shooter and victim, the others who were injured were just unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire. I was relieved to hear this wasn't a hate crime, or as relieved as someone can be in the face of such ugly news. But even still, what is Pride? It's supposed to be a weekend where people come together to embrace their lifestyles and how people's views on love have changed so much in the 20th and 21st centuries. The point being that this is supposed to be a gathering all about love, and it's being invaded by some gross, ugly kinds of violence. I think that most people are offended by this, but I'm offended on a level that I'd imagine is deeper than most straight people in this country are offended. I've always viewed gay love as this weird kind of beautiful thing, like love vs. the animosity of almost the entire world. Despite all this, the gay couples I've had the fortune to know in my days have made it work, and that's beautiful right? Or at least it is to me. Not that I don't think ALL love is beautiful, but this is more of a hot issue in my generation and demographic, so maybe I pay more attention to it. Either way, it doesn't seem fair to me that these folk, who have to deal with so much crap anyway to simply express their love for one another now have to deal with the threat of gun violence. And even if there's never another shooting at a gay pride parade, it its place, attendees will need to deal with the insane amounts of security that is sure to be a backlash to this incident. If I've learned one thing about violence in this society is that you can never go back. It's the sad truth we have to deal with, until mankind grows the hell up, and realizes that we're all in this together.
With all this crap going on, it's hard to focus on something as trivial as drawing a comic about a punk rock cat, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow ;-)
I got some paperwork back from Alternative Press Expo, I haven't read it all through yet, but there's some stuff I need to fill out. I may be celebrating prematurely, but I think I may have my table ^_^
So come this October, join me at my first ever exhibitor convention flying solo :) Help support the cause! Dave the Punk Rock Cat will surely be in print by then, and there's still plenty of Blood Will Tell ;-) Maybe shirts, and other wicked sick paraphernalia. In the mean time, I'll be drawing, and prepping, like hell!

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