Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 19

So the arm is probably, definitely all healed now. Like an idiot I even fell on it AGAIN, and I thought the whole wretched cycle was gonna start all over. But some drugs and some time with an ice pack later, I was right as rain again. Summer is coming, and hot on its heels is the Warped Tour. Aside from just being a really crappy music festival, me and the Warped Tour share a strange past, a past I wish I could forget! The really hilarious part about this bitter rivalry is that I do not believe I've ever been to a single Warped Tour, the bands are never that good, and even if there are one or two bands I might wanna see, it's not worth going to an all day festival of shitty ones in order to see them. No, the reason me and Warped has such a bitter past is because last summer, I think I literally lost a girl to that acursed music festival. It's difficult to explain, she went to Warped Tour, and when she came back, she was not the same girl. I later learned that the change had nothing to do with the festival, but regardless, as a result, things between us became rough, which resulted in a "break up" you could call it, or maybe a "falling out" is more accurate, since to this day, I'm not 100% certain that we were ever together, things around me get complicated like that sometimes. So, long story short, for lack of a concrete direction in which to channel my rage, I plan on blaming the festival, forever :P Why? because it's a funny story to tell, and despite our falling out, I don't wanna stay mad at that girl forever. It's so much more fun to hate a festival, and have a weird, dark and ultimately uninteresting story behind it. for many, summer is full of romance and excitement, for me it's filled with weird stories like this? you know what I learned this summer? "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" is NOT a good date movie, not unless the girl you're taking with you loves, and I mean frikkin' LOVES violence! I am so desensitized to violence in movies, regardless of how intense or horrifying it is, it makes me wonder how I relate to real people at all sometimes. I was sittin' there in the theater, just taking in the story, meanwhile the poor girl next to me was being traumatized by the horrifying events unfolding on screen. I don't wanna spoil the movie for anyone, I'll just say, enter the theater prepared, prepared to the best of your ability.
Normally, I spend this time talking about my art, there are not a lot of new developments in that area, sadly. Summer time is just summer time for me. I draw, I do what I do, you don't wanna hear me write about that all the goddamned time, do ya? when shit happens, I'll let you know. If I'm in a gallery, or I put out a book or if my art is used for some kind of malicious purpose. Until then, you get fun stories that go nowhere. Deal with it, suckers.

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