Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 18

So the arm is healing up nicely. The bruise is gone for the most part, there is some tightness in the wrist, but I can grip a pen or pencil and draw again. Kung Fu is still kinda tough though, eh. So here we are, delving deep into the famed Annie Lennox story. I am going more detailed this time around. because my last attempt at this story was more like a summary of an event, whereas this time I am trying to convey the event itself, as it may or may not have happened. Also, at the time I drew this strip, I was dealing with a lady in a similar fashion ;-) Not a lady as famous as Annie Lennox or anything. but famous in a different way. I know I said awhile back that if you hear me talkin' about ladies again that you should stab out my eyes, or some similar act of violence. I implore you, please put down your pens, protractors, bowie knives and pool cues, this is not THAT kind of lady friend :P I won't bore you on the details, but let's just say that when all was said and done, i made a damn good friend out of the deal. This cartoonist is not going soft on you, the fire in my belly is still raging at a temperature hot enough to rival the fusion within a star. With luck I can still use my cartoons to do that very thing, alter the gravitational pull within the solar system just enough to re-direct a mysterious time traveling energy ribbon towards the planet I'm on, so it can carry me away, at the expense of every other living thing on the planet. If none of this makes any sense to you, don't worry. I know as well as you that blowing up a star won't have any significant effect on the gravitational pull in a solar system. What the sun loses in mass it makes up for in density, even if it's dense enough to become a black hole (which our sun is NOT) the gravitational difference between a black hole and a huge, dense, fucking sun is... eh... just don't go near the black hole and you'll be fine... but I suppose the same can be said for a huge fucking sun as well. Really, gravity isn't what you should be worried about at all, be more worried about the huge sheets of radioactive run-off the sun will shed just prior to super nova. This plan has ALL KINDS OF HOLES IN IT! But you know what, smart guy? That's whay it's called SCIENCE FICTION, okay? Stop stomping all over my fun!

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