Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 17

Yes, this update is late, I am sorry, Fanime totally owned me. Whenever I come back from a con, I'm always feelin' pretty good, because that's me in my element, you know? But I always leave such a mess behind me at home when I'm away. I came home to this horrific stack of papers and comics and art supplies and random other shit on my desk, and I'll be damned if I just wasn't too dang lazy to move it all over to actually do my update. But the show went well! Despite not having a table at artist's alley, I managed to sell something like 4 or 5 books, of vol. 1 and 2.
I also have scads of pictures from the event, if you want to see 'em, I highly suggest you add yourself to my facebook:!/KnaveMurdok
Seeing all the shots I took (and I took a lot) kind of rekindles my undying love of photography. That was one of the original things I had in mind as a major when I went back to college, but I never followed up on it. Now, I kinda want back in. I got lotsa compliments on my shots, and we all know how dangerous a bolstered ego on Knave can be. There was a bit of bad news to come out of Fanime though. On Saturday morning I totally fell the fuck outta the shower and gimped up my drawing arm! :( As expected, this has made continuing on the comic very difficult, so I'm gonna be burning through my buffer pages while this baby heals up, I'm really hoping for no further delays. What else has been up? I got some of my art and designs in two galleries recently, I'll be trying to upload pictures of those as soon as I can get some. In the mean time, I'm just trying to get stuff prepped for Alternative Press Expo which is taking place in October, but all my shit has to be in order THIS month, so I'm scrambling to make that happen. Apart from that, I've gotten myself way too involved in way too many projects. There's Lovebian, this TV project I'm taking on with my friends, school has been very difficult to keep up with, and tutoring hasn't exactly been peaches and cream either. The real problem is that I can't seem to discern which of these are worth my attentions and which are just wastes of time. i mean, I LOVE working on all these things, but it's tearin' me up inside thinking about if they're really going anywhere, or if I'm devoting myself towards just another corrupted endeavor. I'm counting the days till Spring is over and Summer begins, then I can cast off the worries of school. and delegate a little more focus to the rest of all this bullshit I'm surrounded by. Maybe when that time comes, I'll be able to see the rest in a little more focus, and make some more informed and responsible decisions about them. The especially sad part of all of this is that it's taking place on the backdrop of some very sick family members, who may not be around for much longer. An extended hiatus may be on the horizon while I go away to visit them, but I'm not too certain of when that will be. I'm trying to to dwell on it too much, there's no sense in diverting my energy worrying about something as inevitable as old age. I'm just trying to do my best making sure that my life and my time here is spent doing something that matters, but even still, I can't help but be affected by it.
Life ain't east for us artist types, especially not for one as brilliant as me.

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