Monday, May 24, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 16

This page has a lot of white in it. I am just now noticing that after having scanned it. I think the day I "finished" this page I was in a huge rush for something, probably something school or Lovebian related. Either way, I like it, I like the old woman especially. She doesn't have a name, but I think hat if she did, she'd be called Bea, like Bea Arthur. I think Betty White is forcing the world to love old people again, and showing them that they can be funny on purpose as well, and not just comic foils because they're out of touch, and spew hilarious out of context old timey lingo. Besides, I think we've all figured out by now that dated slang is better when spoken by a young person, someone too young for that particular vernacular to be making any sense. Anachronisms are hilarious, we know that now.
I'm not sure how much sense it makes for this woman to have a Eurythmics tape, maybe? I mean, they were pretty popular in their heyday, right? Popular enough to transcend the age barrier, I would think. They weren't particularly abrasive or wild, Annie Lennox's voice is agreeable to the ear of even the most staunch and crotchity old guys and gals. Or maybe I just love Annie Lennox so goddamn much that I just want to believe these things about her, to propagate the myth that she's untouchable and applicable for any kind of gag setup.
I suppose people who've been reading Para~Somnia comics for awhile can already tell where I'm gonna go with this, the famous Dave the Cat/Annie Lennox joke. If you're new, then prepare yourself for a story way too absurd to be true, and yet it is, to the best of my knowledge. That's the best part of Dave the Cat stories, ain't it? you know it's all true, one hundred percent, except for the fact that it's a cat, but armed with that knowledge, the truth can be twisted and bent to a weird kinda messed up hearsay and rumour kinda truth. The kinda truth that you hear coming from grizzled old bar bums who swear to God they totally knew Sid Vicious back before Sex Pistols and swear even louder that they gave him the idea to invent punk rock. By the time you realize how many holes are in that story, you just got over the fact that you sat and listened to a story told to you by a cat for 28 pages. BY A CAT!!!

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