Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 13

Here is page no. 13, it is unlucky because of it's number, but I actually happen to like it, quite a lot actually. Even though there's not a lotta action on the page, it's jsut Dave talking and then walking away, and then talking s'more, which is kinda his strength, I guess. I like this page because it showcases Dave's strengths, talking and walking away, despite how lucky it is. do you remember funny hobo man? Haven't seem him since page one! Betcha didn't know he was standing there listening to that whole story, and now he can't be sure whether it was actually told to him by a cat, or if it was all in his head. Are you, as the reader, sure about such things? Does this not force you to question the very nature of narrative? A cat who may or may not be able to talk, who may or may not have had all these experiences, being filtered through the perception of a man who's judgment is constantly in question, and he looks to you for assurance. I think I just broke the 5th wall, and I will not stop until all walls lie broken, defeated, underneath the strength of my mighty pen!

In other (somewhat) related news, I got my own nylon screen, so the Dave the Cat prototype shirts I've been gabbing about endlessly may very well be seeing mass production. By the time Fanime hits? I'm not certain, but Alternative Press, most definitely.

I am like Snoop Dogg, in that I am always "on top of things."
Also, in that I cause girls to go wild, but that's a story for another day.

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