Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 11

I can't quite keep myself on a schedule, which is really half the battle when you've chosen the life of a web-cartoonist. I'm thinking I wanna stick to a Saturday night/Sunday morning-ish kinda thing. More people will be checking their bookmarks, am I right? or their newfangled RSS feeds.
So yeah, while I'm working on this comic, I've also been taking this class on designing and silk screening for shirts. At first the goal was to gain the know how on how to make Dave the Cat shirts (prototypes are currently being tested on humans) but as a direct result, some friends of mine who own a clothing company have snatched me up as a graphic designer. Those prototypes aren't quite out yet, but even still, I insist, no, I DEMAND that you go visit their website!
I know what you're thinking! This seems far too cheery a project for Knave to get all mixed up in, and you'd probably be right! But I dig the philosophy, and want to be part of it, plus, I got some cool lovey romantic designs crawling aorund inside of me, and it's about goddamn time I had an outlet for it! This will be erupting very soon, and I wanted to make sure you, my dearest and most valued readers, got in on the ground floor. You could say you were into it before it was cool, but please, let's face facts, we started out cool, and will remain that way forever and ever, amen.
Dave the Cat's big adventure is nearly complete :D I am gonna try and get this book out much sooner than Blood Will Tell came out. I've had two books out and I sorta get how this whole publishing thing works now, i get the rules now. You know what they say about the third time, and how it's supposed to be a charm, right? Lets keep our fingers crossed that we won't be dealing with any hellishly long delays this time.
Also, I am currently on the wait list for a table in Artist's Alley at Fanime. Keep your OTHER fingers crossed that I get that as well :) Granted I don't draw anime, or anything remotely close to the anime style, but there's no publicity like bad publicity, is there?
Even though I'm quite sure that's not how that saying goes, and I'm even more certain that I didn't quite mean to say that, I shall sign off for tonight. Hear hear!

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