Monday, April 12, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 10

So I'm gonna try and get back to a Sunday/Monday schedule for updating this lil' guy. Doing it during the week interferes too much with school crap.
Let's talk slightly about this page. So after reading this page again after having finished it, i'm not certain that the overlying joke is as apparent as I wanted it to be. I mean, the four miniature jokes on each panel play just fine, and that's great, but there is a deeper level of parody here.
So! Just in case you're one of those folks who never got aorund to seeing a 45 year old movie, I'm putting here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the Beatles movie "Help" there is scene where the fab four takes refuge inside of an "Eastern restaurant" in order to obtain information about a mysterious red bejeweled ring that Ringo has somehow acquired, and that many strangers are willing to try and kill him for. Upon entering the kitchen and the back room, each Beatles asks a different member of the staff a different weird question that never receives an answer. George asks a man standing on his head "doesn't the blood rush to your head?" John asks the kitchen staff "doesn't the Eastern flavor run rather expensive?" Paul asks a belly dancer "doesn't the blood rush to your stomach?" and that's what sparked the idea to do this page as a parody/homage to a classic rock and roll film. The last question which appeared in my comic, where Luke (the ladies' man) mistakenly asks a guy out for drinks was all mine however. I didn't want it to come off as some kind of comedy of errors gag though, because that for some reason stuck me as being terribly anti-homosexual, and that's a really tawdry way to get laughs in my opinion. Gays have just as much a place in comics as straights do, and the fact that they're gay shouldn't be put on display as comedic relief. Too many comics have gone down that path "oh my gawsh, a gay! how unusual/gross, and therefor funny! oh noez! a straight male has run afoul of a gay! how embarrassing! His sexuality is therefore called into question! comedy time!" No, I think not. I may be writing a comic about a talking cat who goes to punk shows, but if I can help it, I'd like to not re-enforce negative stereotypes. Besides, there are plenty f other minorities and social groups to mercilessly make fun of! Like the goths! And Cure fans! HA! Point and laugh, my dear readers, point and laugh! :D
Naw, I kid the goths and I kid The Cure. It's all out of the utmost love and respect that I giggle at how silly they are!

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