Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 8

Let's do it, dive right into page 8! Wooo! This is where the second massive plot point is revealed, the first being the dropped bottle of ether, the second being GOTH HAIR! But really, I kid the goths, I KID CUZ I LOVE! I think it was Mel Brooks that said that you really need to love something in order to parody it property, I think he said that in reference to Spaceballs. Either way, it will go without saying, after reading the several mean spirited jabs I'm about to make at the goth subculture, that I must really love goth! I'll let my Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus CD collections speak for themselves. But as much as I dig goth, you know what I gosh darn hate, and will ALWAYS hate? THE CURE! Especially BIG DUMB CURE HAIR! Damn you Robert Smith and your permanent swirly, and how it influenced an entire generation! So anyway, that's what's going down here, fo' shizzle.
I'm still getting used to this whole new blog thing. Learning how to make stuff, and make stuff work. Granted this is tons simpler than building a website form the ground up, but it's still a lotta buttons, many of which I am fearful of pushing.
In time you will see, I'll get my whole back catalog up here, and make it look pretty and all that fun stuff you expect from an online comic. But for now, I at least have the shop up and running (go purchase your copies of Blood Will Tell 1 and 2 today! Supplies are limited!) and the Parasomnia Family of Artists page as well :) Go check out my cool artist friends, they all rock the mad socks.
Links up top, under the banner, I swear to God none of them are a total and unforgivable waste of your time.

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