Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 4

I know it seems like my updates are getting farther apart, school is partly to blame for this, but I also had a major furniture re-arrangement in my house, and temporarily lost my binder of unscanned drawings. That was pretty scary!
So are you guys liking how Dave the Cat's first long term story is panning out? Good, cuz I'm not changing it! I on the other hand love this story, mostly because I'm an egomaniac, this is the best Dave the Cat story ever conjured! This one truly deserves publication, and so it shall be. Speaking of which, the release date for Blood Will Tell vol. II is silently ticking away! With vigor as well as gusto! I hope you're as excited about my second book as I am, if not, then you got a serious attitude problem buster! Can't you just be happy for me? Why is it always about you, huh?

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