Monday, February 22, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 3

Homang, it's been so incredibly hectic around camp Parasomnia that keeping up with updates is getting insane. Everything's been getting in the way, and I should have been in be d an hour ago... early classes tomorrow :( I can't freaking wait for spring, I am NOT doing this ot my schedule again, I'll die, straight up, just give up the ghost. And as romantic a notion as it would be to die for my art, I have a lot more art to do before I can let that happen, oodles more!
The sad news that I regret to share with you today involved WonderCon. Turns out, even though my book will be finished by that time, I sorta missed out on my oppurtunity to get a table. This all has to do with my crap-tastic schedule as well, but i'll be there anywhere, WITH my book. So if you happen to catch me wandering about, I'll be happy to "transact" with you, otherwise, they'll be available on the site, and I'll be trying to get 'em in comic shops around the area as well.
I'll plan better for SuperCon and Fanime, I promise ^^

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