Monday, February 15, 2010

Dave the Punk Rock Cat's Big Adventure Page 2

I don't usually draw cars. Each time I try it's a new adventure in lines and form. This one was a little easier, because it was a specific car. Usually when I get in a situation where I need to draw one, it's just a made up make and model, and that can be even more difficult, in a way.
The weeks keep on passing me by, it feels like it wasn't any more than a few days ago I put up page one. I left page two unfinished because it took me awhile to find a suitable font in which to do the Malibruce Logo, and I needed the correct amout of mismatched greys to make that car look REALLY janky. I thought I had plenty of time to work it out, but the weekend just snuck up on me, like that!
In either case, i'm pretty pleased with the result :) I can only pray you are as well.

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