Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides Have It

Good Morning, comic fans!
Today IS the Ides of March, and you know what that means. Sadly it means that TransCat Pencil Adventures #5 has come to a close. Don't worry, though! You can catch the whoooole deal on my

All it costs is one dollar to subscribe and you can read my entire back catalog of Patreon Exclusives.

Fret not though, friends. There will be more TransCat coming upon the horizon.
Maybe you've noticed the banner ad at the top of this post? Yup! you read right! TransCat Issue #8 is FINALLY coming out! And oh man, this is the big one. I swear, the wait on this one will be SO worth it! The actual reality of getting this book together was staggering, beyond all the others! I have a lot of cool, fun, extra stuff in there that I worked and waited for, for so long, trying to get it 100% perfect. Well, it's finally there, friends. It's finally there and I cannot WAIT for you to see it!

"When?" you might be asking yourselves? Why, April 8th! That's when!

"Why, what a coincidence!" you might be saying! "That's exactly the same date at Knave Murdok's appearance at the Schulz Museum!" You're exactly right! It IS the same day and it IS mighty coincidence!

As I've mentioned before, I do not have a lot of public appearances scheduled for this year, but in case you haven't heard, I WILL be at the Schulz Museum April 8th to be a part of their "Second Saturday Cartoonist" series. I'll be there, doing art, selling books and signing autographs, and what better way to make the occasion all the more auspicious than to debut my brand new book there?
Now, I'll only be there from 1 to 3pm, so the window is limited! Don't fret though, if you can't make the event, the comic WILL be purchasable through my Online Shop. Obviously.

With that outta the way, there are a few other announcements.

The "San Jose" comic will not be moving forward. The author decided to can it. Very sad. I did get paid for the work I did do on it, so at least there's that. I am working on two other commissions at the moment and if I'm being honest with myself, I'm being lazy with them. After those however, i'll be free and clear to begin/continue my work on TransCat #9. I have a draft that I started a few months ago, but i'm wondering if I don't wanna re-do it. I've had a few ideas since I started that seem like they need to get wedged in there.

Pray 4 Me!!!

In the mean time, look out for more Patreon exclusives! They're coming! Oh boy are they ever!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

TransCat Pencil Adventures #5! Now on Patreon!

Good afternoon, readers! It is March the 1st and you know what that means! A new TransCat Pencil Adventure to help fill that illustrated void inside you! After so long without a new TransCat issue it is the least I can do. This one is for Patrons only though, so if you have not already, hop onto my Patreon page, all it costs is a dollar, and from now until THE IDES OF MARCH I'll be uploading a new page of this new TransCat adventure every weekday!

So a little bit about this new story. This one is called "The Discourse" and it is one in a long series of short comics I penned awhile back that involve gags at the expense of shitty second wave feminists who make it a point to exclude trans women from their activism, and will even go out of their way to make their activism harm trans women. You've probably heard of these people before but for those not in the know, we call them TERFs, or (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) although some have argued the validity of calling them "feminists" at all. Until we come up with a better term for them I'll stick with that one. Sometimes they'll go as far as to say that the word (acronym?) TERF is a nasty nasty slur and you should never ever use it. I have a hard time buying that though, since it is just a brief description of someone's ideals. Just because I'm placing myself in direct opposition of those ideals doesn't make the term describing them a slur.

In either case, I drew this right before Trump was elected, and AFTER he was elected I was thinking "maybe this isn't the right time, cuz like, Trump is a much more real danger right now and making fun of TERFs is kinda like, the smallest of small potatoes now" and I was gonna just sit on this for awhile. Then, the fakest fo fake goths made her way back onto Facebook and suddenly this all became relevant again.

Once again, for those of you NOT in the know, The Fake Goth in question is none other than feminism's own Cathy Brennan. I don't know if she's in any way officially named herself as the "leader" of the TERF movement, but even if not, she sure goes out of her way to make herself a figurehead, and makes sure we all know she's the one doing the most damage.

Among her most heinous of actions is her involvement in "Gender Identity Watch", a loosely confederated group of online stalkers who out trans people to their friends, family, school and/or jobs without their permission. The actions of this group have been at the root of firings, expulsions, disownings and even murders/suicides. Brennan continues to show no sympathy or awareness of her actions. In fact her demeanor has remained, shall we say "cooly antagonistic", which is the best way I can think to describe it. She seems to understand that what she's doing is "wrong" but also doesn't seem to care, and flaunts the fact that she has not been caught, punished or taken to task by anyone in the faces of the people she is affecting. Or at least this is the demeanor I glean from her when I see her actually active on social media (it goes without saying, she gets banned a lot).

Anywho, the crux of the joke about her being a "Fake Goth" stem from an old Twitter profile I think, in which she described herself as a feminist and a "proud goth". Naturally the internet took this and ran with it, because honestly, the jokes write themselves at this point. you can call Brennan a transmisogynist, a shitty feminist, a stalker, a murder, and she doesn't seem to care. Call her a fake goth though and that really seems to ruffle her feathers. i too was once a goth and I understand how seriously they take themselves. So yeah, that's just a little something I wanted you all to understand SO that this comic makes sense to you.
I may be guilty of having a comic with a premise that's a little TOO obscure, but considering I try to go out of my way to make TransCat a very accessible read 99% of the time, I think I'm allowed to have this one :P

Trust me though, for anyone who didn't need to read this little abridged history of the TERF movement, the ending of this comic is gonna be funny as hell!

So TUNE IN TOMORROW for more! Learn more about the ominous figure "Senior Mysterioso", find out what TransCat does on her off nights, and furthermore, just enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TransCat Valentines Cards!

Happy Valentines Day readers, or at least, Happy Last 14 minutes of Valentines Day, as the case my be as I type this.

I don't usually od last minute projects like this but yesterday I got the idea to make these, and managed to pull the whole lot together. They are of course TransCat Valentines Day cards, fashioned in the style of the old themed Valentines cards that they used to make us buy and give out to our friends in elementary school.

The very same kind that made you feel worthless and insecure the first year of middle school when they abandoned the practice. You went from one year, taking home 30 or more Valentines cards, and to the next, taking home zero.  Maybe becoming jealous of someone you know who did manage to get one (or a few) despite the fact that no one was making you give them out anymore.

Ahh, ain't love grand!??

Well this year, you can print out these free cards and give them to that special someone... but tomorrow. You have a good excuse for your lateness, though. Tell them you were waiting to find the PERFECT card, and now you have it!!

Download the cards at my PATREON PAGE and have a SWELL day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

TransCat Pencil Adventures #4: Unsafety Pins

Happy Black History Month, comic fans!
Now I told you in one of my previous blogs I was going to try and keep TransCat alive during the hiatus with short, free comics as well as some premium content on my Patreon. Well allow me to kick it off with the first of many free short comics, my tribute to Black Lives Matter (plus a short critique on aspects of performative social justice).

In that spirit, please allow me to direct your attention to the BLM donations page! not all of us can be on the streets, fighting the good fight along with these brave people, but with our help, we can make sure they continue to have access to the supplies and resources they need while they're hittin' the streets.


If you have some dough left over after donating to BLM please consider pledging to my Patreon. More content like this is sure to be coming in the near future. Have a wonderful February, hopefully you learn some stuff about black history you didn't already know, and maybe you'll even find a Valentine.

Farewell for now~


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

End of 2016

Hooboy, so yeah, as you can tell i wasn't looking forward to writing and posting this blog. Usually the end of the year post is something where I get to talk about how great this year was and all the big, big plans I have ready to roll out for next year. But if you've been following me this far, you know 2016 was a year of constant struggle and 2017 is going to be a year of near silence for me. so I put this off for three and a half weeks and I finally, finally got up the nerve to talk about how bleak the future really looks.

To reiterate, there will be no new books in 2017. The only thing I'm going to be releasing as physical media is Issue #8 in April (Which, BTW, is available right now in digital form on my Patreon!!!). I am planning for that release to coincide with one of my only public appearances of the year, at the Schultz Museum on the 8th of that month. Please come, it will be a blast.

Additionally there will be exactly one more public appearance in 2017, and so far it is only a theorized one, but I'll dish here since I'm just excited about it. As a Christmas present, one of my very dear friends offered to bring me to a convention of my choice. I at first wanted to say Fanime, but i had to be real, because I knew I'd go to Fanime anyway, even if I wasn't selling there. So instead, I asked to go to Sac-Anime Summer, to which he agreed. Like I said, this is not guaranteed yet because registration of that con doesn't start until the 13th of May, so i guess keep your fingers crossed for me.

That's all for appearances planned for this year, and unless things change for me and my family soon, that's how it looks like it's gonna stay.

On to new comics.
In the absence of printed media i'll be making more of a movie toward digital comics, which will be uploaded on this site as well as some exclusives brought onto my Patreon (once again, please don't forget about my Patreon). These stories are not going to all be officially part of the established TransCat timeline. most of them will be short stories or one page jokes that just take place in the TransCat universe. The official story will only ever be progressed by the numbered issues, when they start coming out again. But since I don't want to leave my readers high and dry during that time, I hope you'll accept some interesting filler. It'll be like Naruto, except good.

I am ALSO officially now employed by comic writer Luis Zavala, drawing pages for his upcoming comic "San Jose", a story about childhood abuse, coping with it and how to escape it. The story is there but the art is still in it's conceptual phases, expect to be seeing more on that as 2017 progresses. It will become my main focus soon enough.

So that's everything to talk about right now. Here's a smidgen of new art I uploaded to my Instagram recently. if you do not have access to that platform for whatever reason.

A nice, shcedenfreude laden respite from the turmoil of the last few weeks.

Hang in there, readers, more is coming. <3 p="">

Friday, November 4, 2016

TransCat Issue 8: The Impending Release!

So today I finished putting all the final touches on Issue 8 of TransCat. It looks beautiful, I cannot wait.
There is a problem, however, as you know. No convention appearances scheduled for at least 9 months, maybe even a year. Who knows?
So I'm looking at ways to release this in a way that would still receive a wide audience, and I've come up with some ideas.
Number one: I'm gonna release it page-by-page on Patreon. Starting next week I'm gonna release it a page a day on that platform as a subscribers only feature. So if you wanna get your TransCat Issue 8 on as early as possible, there's how yer gonna do it!
Number two: this one is a bit of a longshot but I'm gonna TRY and get a print version of it made before December so it will be available in the Shop if you wanna buy it as a present for anyone, or yourself tbh. Really though, think of it as a present for me! I need the cash!
Number three: If for whatever reason I can't get my shit together in a month, I'll be making one appearance in 2017 at the Charles Schultz museum in April. I couldn't think of a better time to debut a book.
Number four, if all else fails, the book will still at least be available in digital form on Patreon, and I can make my print edition available when my hiatus is over, or as soon as I can so that Northwest Press and Prism Comics can still carry me.
so these are my plans. Please keep an eye on Patreon. The uploading will start very soon.
If you aren't a subscriber already, please feel free to do so at any time. There's already tons of goodies up there for you to browse as a subscriber, and this won't be far behind.

So what do you think of this cover, huh?
This is the first cover I've ever done entirely on my own. I usually have a guest colourist come in and fill in my line work, but since I can't really afford to hire anyone at the moment, I figured I'd take it on myself to make a TransCat cover with a more minimalist approach. All of this was done with watercolour markers, a medium I cut my teeth on back when I first decided that cartooning might have been my calling. Anyone who was around for the earliest days of Parasomnia Comics probably remembers my extremely liberal use of watercolour in Blood Will Tell. This feels like the first time I've used them since then, or at least since some of the early Dave the Punk Rock Cat stories.
I like it, I think it turned out okay for something that I did all by myself. I thrive mainly in black and white, as you know, but once in awhile, I can make something that's black and white look not black and white, so that's a strength, mos def.

In the mean time, I need to wrap this up. The additional job I got to help out my family begins outrageously early in the morning, so I need all the shut-eye I can get.

Remember, keep an eye on that Patreon!

Monday, October 17, 2016

End of the Con Season: Beginning of Hiatus

So! This is it! Everything that is TransCat now fits inside this box and this backpack, and here it will stay, ...until the time is right.

The last month of TransCat has been a whirlwind, a rapid fire of convention appearances and a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. I have been working like hell to try and get issue 8 finished for at least ONE of these conventions, but it just was not to be. This is easily the most elaborate and complicated TransCat issue I've ever attempted, and also the longest in terms of actual page-count. I also had the misfortune of having my main inking pens crap out on me about a quarter of the way in, and THEN I left me new pens at home while I was away for a weekend, so basically no work got done. There has also been a number of changes to my job recently so the time I actually get to work on this stuff everyday has been cut on half as it is. So UGH! THAT'S a whole big thing. but the good news is is that just because i'm on hiatus doesn't mean I'm giving up! Issue 8 IS coming out! I will make certain it happens, even if there will be no conventions to support it. I'll make it happen.

Let's talk about these last three cons though. Gaymer X 4, Santa Rosa Toy & Comic Show and Alternative Press Expo.

Gaymer X was so good that I do not exaggerate even a little bit when I say it hurt to leave.
It was an unusual con for me for a couple reasons. I arrived by myself, which is an oddity in itself. I almost always have someone with me when I go to cons, but this time I arrived solo. The other thing that was really strange was that we weren't the only con there. The first two days was just Gaymer X but the last day was Gaymer X and like, a bunch of people coming in from out of town for a football game? I forget who was playing but there were a LOT of fans! A massive contrast to the queer themed gaming convention.
I ALSO left by myself, which was incredibly bittersweet, but mostly i was just dead tired and wanted to go home.
The other thing that made this con particularly noteworthy is that it took place at the convention center that my very first ever convention took place in. The Santa Clara convention Center, site of Fanime 2001, where I got my beak wet for the first time ever. Needless to say, memories came flooding back. Not a lot had a changed and it really was like going back in time. A lotta games and a lotta gays. that's the convention life for me. It was also nostalgic because for the first time in awhile, I shared a hotel room with about a dozen friends, all crammed in, sleeping a couple to a bed, sprawled out on the floor. we were a bathtub sleeper away form having a packed house. It was amazing.
But like I said, it really and truly hurt to leave. Gaymer X is such an atmosphere of positivity and acceptance and it hits you like a cold bucket of water when you realize that when it's over, you have to go back out in the "real world" again where not everyone is a geek and some people are still really homophobic or transantagonistic.

The next show, Santa Rosa Toy and Comic Show started out very rough but wound up being a good show.
First off, I was lucky enough to have a partner with me this time, despite the fact I've never been to a show in Santa Rosa, let alone Santa Rosa itself. Thankfully, Danielle, my rock, agreed to come with me. Picking her up from Sac was a bit of a detour, but well worth it. She's been hyping for me since before TransCat was even a thing and she's one of the best in the business.
When we first arrived, we had some trouble with parking. The convention hall did not have a great big parking lot, and by the time we hard found a place to park and gotten loaded in, we found out that we needed a parking pass... and the pass was for another lot that was like, down the road and across the street =_=. And if that wasn't hassle enough, when we tried to load in and set up, they didn't have any record of my table. I was about to dig the receipt for the order outta my email, but thankfully some quick strings were pulled and I was taken to a table someone else wasn't gonna show up for. Not exactly the most elegant solution, but it worked, so who am I to complain? I also had the incredible fortune to sit next to an old friend and fellow artist, Age Scott. A guy i met way back, I can't remember when, but I hadn't really seen at a con in years. He is mostly East Bay and I'm mostly South Bay, and our paths don't cross as much as I wish, but it was nice to catch up with him and see what he's been doin' and all the new art he's produced.
I also got the new Scarlet witch action figure from Civil War, so that's pretty rad! :D

The last, and FINAL con of the season was Alternative Press Expo! This is a con I would somewhat call myself a veteran of. I've been attending it (off and on admittedly) for the last eight years. I got the opportunity to do another talk, courtesy of Nina and Laura of the Cartoon Art Museum (Thanks!) and got to browse a plethora of new and super interesting bay area artists. I had a rant about APE last year which you can read in it's entirety HERE, but for those who don't wanna jump to a whole different, long-ass blog post, let me restate the short version of my thoughts here, because they apply as much this year as they did last year.Moving the con to San Jose makes everything easier for the artists, but it just does NOT have the same atmosphere, or even get a fraction of the exposure that it did in San Francisco. now anyone who knows me knows that I hate that city, I HATE it. There are very few things in this world that will make me ever want to go there... but Alternative Press is one of those things. When APE was in SF is felt like a juggernaut. It was crowded, it was like a social event. It was in a hellish city, but a city full of people who were either indie artists, wanted to be one, or just really dug the indie art scene. I would be hard pressed to really say San Jose even has an indie art scene! It's a great big city with a college, and a downtown, and a GREAT fan community (Fanime is proof of that). But it's not the same type of community of actual creators as you might find in SF. Now, I know the reason it moved was because SF is a hellhole and they probably can't afford to rent the space anymore. however, i feel like San Jose might have been a poor choice to move. I would have gone farther norther, like to Oakland or Berkeley first (and I dunno, maybe they considered those options already) but yeah, I dunno, that is a thing I feel this particular con has lost. chit chatting with other folks there, I'm not the only one. APE 5 years ago gave you a reason to want to hang out after the show, APE this year makes you wanna leave early because it's so desolate.
SIGH! But enough about that.

you know, I've really been dreading this hiatus. Not just because it represents a massive and unwelcome change in my lifestyle, but because I can't shake from my mind all the things that I just won't be able to do anymore. all the things that TransCat can't do anymore. In my mind, it was a massive domino effect that spelled the end of my cartooning career. But recently, I've been giving this a lot more thought and realizing there's way more that TransCat CAN do.

Number one: No matter what, my Online Shop is still open.
Admittedly, the sales from this shop pale in comparison to what I make going to cons, but that might be mostly my fault. I try to promote it as best I can, but I'll be first to admit it always comes second to promoting my cons. That has to change.

Number two: My Patreon is still open.
Another sadly underutilized feature on my site. Granted, i'm still kinda new to Patreon and I'm still figuring out all the cool things I can do with it. That is a road I need to go down a lot further.

Number three: Prism Comics and Northwest Press are still heavily repping me, and they go to WAY more cons than I do. Granted I won't be the only artist they're repping while they're out and about, but since I'm not gonna be there myself, then any representation is good representation. This gives me an excuse to still produce books.

There are other avenues I can go down, and I need need need to explore them further. In the mean time, I'm gonna do my best to keep this hiatus as short as possible but I gotta do what I can to help my family. In the mean time, the updates are going to be sparse, but there WILL be updates. Trust in this, dear readers.