Monday, September 12, 2016

Sac-Anime 2016 Review + Some Other Bullshit

So I'm about a week late with this post, but I have a really good excuse! I'm VERY lazy!
Lazy enough that I actually drew and coloured this print which was SUPPOSED to be a con exclusive for this con, but wound up printing out zero copies. So here it is for you now, jsut in case.

As you can see, I was a little bit worried at first because what I didn't realize until just a few weeks ago was that San Francisco Comic Con was the exact same weekend. With a huge event like that, I feared no one would even bother to drive up north to see us in Our Great State's Capital. But I was proven wrong when a few of my friends decided to jump the SF ship on Saturday and come see me instead on Sunday.
I guess a lot of bigger ticket guests wound up cancelling, along with a few of the panels. Also, I guess the cosplay scene up there wasn't exactly all that? I'm not sure, I'm going based off a friend's testimony.
I had one other friend who told me he actually had a great time there, so I guess there's no accounting for taste.
I would have gone to SFCC if it hadn't been for my already long standing tradition of going to the Sac shows. also, if you follow me on social media at all, you know that me and SF have kind of "Shining" thing going on. That place gets in my head in a really bad way and I do everything I can to avoid going there in general. I don't bother it and it don't bother me!

Last convention I went to was Queer Comics Expo, and that was a very different type of experience. It was way more art show, way less con. And that's not a bad thing at all, in fact I rather enjoyed it. That being said, there's definite merit in coming back to what one is used to. Somewhat bitter sweet, since I just announced my hiatus at the end of the year. Kinda puts a lump in one's threat to think "I'm finally back" only to prepare yourself to leave again not long after. I will admit that this con was SO good that I am tempted to scrap my hiatus plans and try to make this work throughout the rest of next year, going ahead like nothing happened... but family DOES unfortunately come first.

See My Sac-Anime Pics HERE 

But enough of that depressing talk! Let's talk about how great the convention actually was.
In short, it was pretty great and went off without a hitch! A glorious return to form (as stated in the title of my photo album above). I had my friend and collaborator Courteney Carr in tow with me this time. She came with me to Sac-Con this past winter, but before that, we hadn't done a con together since Alternative Press Expo in like, 2008 or 09 or some shit. You might remember Courteney from the back of TransCat Issue #1. She did the mini-story after the main one. She also has a comic going of her own that I'm doing my best to mentor her on, although if you ask me, she barely needs me help at all. At least not from an artistic standpoint. I'm mostly there just to motivate her and keep her working and on task. She's got a great story in mind, and I'm just doing my best to keep her going on it and not wander or meander or spend too much time overthinking any one aspect of it.

As I've stated many times before, I love the fanbase that shows up to the Sacramento shows. Generally, you can assume that if you're meeting someone at a Sac-show, then they're good people. It seemed especially true this year, because my trans sisters came out in force! We have been slowly overtaking various corners of nerd-dom, but the takeover was REALLY noticeable this year. On both sides of the table! Lots of trans content creators and lots of trans fans shopping the aisles and killing it in cosplay. Soon we will reclaim anime and it will belong to us. Mark my words!

Other things that were heavily represented at the con were Suicide Squad (haven't seen it yet, don't judge me), Stranger Things, Overwatch and Steven Universe. None of those things are anime, but let's be fair, they might as well be. Sac-Anime is just a larger version of Sac-Con anyway, and Sac-Con represents anime pretty hard already, so there's no shame in bringing in plenty of "secular" "non-anime" to the table here.
My friend Savannah was there rocking out in Elegant Gothic Lolita mode the entire time, so that makes up for it.

I also got commissioned again by the DickButt guys, which in and of itself isn't a huge deal because they commission everyone, every time. what IS noteworthy is what I drew for them this time. They said that they had been collecting DickButts for seven years, going to as many conventions as they could afford. I countered by saying I was gonna draw them a DickButt like none they'd ever seen before! When they came back on Sunday to retrieve their picture, I asked them "So, tell me, has this been done before?" I showed them the monstrosity that I had created and was told it had not. That is a personal best for me. I pride myself in being original in my comedy and my art. This time, I was both!

I didn't get a chance to scan the artwork obviously but I managed to take a decent enough picture of it on my phone. I put it up as a freebie on my Patreon page. Go check it out! If you like what you see, i got a whole secret TransCat comic in there for anyone who wants to chip in a dollar or more! :)

So that's pretty much the long and short of it. Lots of great cosplays, saw some good friends, great queer representation, almost went to go see a dramatic reading of "My Immortal" but IT WAS TOO CROWDED!!! Also went to the swap meet but same problem. All that, plus plenty of sleep in a comfty hotel bed. For the win!

Next up on my Con schedule is Santa Rosa Comic and Toy show. It's a one-day con that's gonna be on the 24th of September. Then we got Gaymer X 4 at the end of September/beginning of October, and then finally Alternative Press October 8th and 9th.
I'm also on the wait list for Sac-Con Winter, but I have heard back nothing yet, so I guess we'll see.

In the mean time, I'll keep doing my best to get TransCat issue *3 out BEFORE my hiatus officially begins,

Stay cool, you cool, cool cats!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sac Anime This Weekend!

Heyyyy yyyoouuu gguuyysssss~!
You know, just because I'm TECHNICALLY on hiatus doesn't mean that I can't be... just as... active as I was before. Maybe even more so? Hoo boy!

Yeah so Sac-Anime is this weekend. Not pre-registered? Don't worry, ticket sat the door is still a thing. I won't be bringing anything NEW new to the con, just issues 1-7 as per usual. no issue 8 yet (that's where the hiatus part kicks in). I WILL have some copies of the lasted issue of BAAU which I'm in, and as you know, that shit sells out fast, so there's that.

There WILL be a new zine coming out at the end of the month that I took part in! It's being put out by my friend Robert Olen Brown and it's called "Pixel Jizz". Don't laugh, this is very, very serious! :D :D :D
There's gonna be an exclusive TransCat comic in it plus an interview with me, just in case you were ever interested in knowing how I got started in this merciless biz and what video games I like.
That will be made available to you, like I said, at the end of the month, at Gaymer X, which I'll also be at. i'm not so sure about how available said zine will be outside of the con, but I'll see what I can find out.
It's a FREE zine too, so there's that! I know people often associate "free" with "garbage", especially at a con, but lemme tell you, this will the finest piece of trash you're ever handed at a con, you won't even WANT to throw it away!

Apart from that, the other thing to look forward to at Gaymer X is Prism comics, and their many copies of Alphabet that they'll be toting with them. If you're local, or if you'll be in the area or at the con at least, take advantage of this opportunity to grab your own copy, free of shipping costs! This past weekend, they were spreading the love down at Palm Springs ComicCon so maybe you caught them there too.
If not, the book is still 100% available at the Main Site.

Speaking of things that AREN'T free, I just recently finished my SECRET comic on Patreon, which you should definitely go check out! I'm still new to this whole Patreon thing, and I just haven't done that much with it yet, but here we go, my first big thing done on Patreon!
It's a whole comic, 20 pages, and you can see it all for a dollar. Neat, huh? Good look at what I done did.

Anywho, I will... keep plugging away at Issue #8 whenever I can. Gotta lot less time than I used to, but I'll do everything I can!
You'll probably be hearing from me again not long after the con, a lot more this month, cuz hoo boy if this ain't the real big one!

Monday, August 22, 2016

TransCat in Alphabet

You've heard me talk a lot about Alphabet this past year and how I'd let you all know as soon as it became available. Well, here we are, suckas! Finally, it is yours for the buying!

In case you don't remember, Alphabet is a massive anthology, a tome, if you will, of amazing comics all centering around the queer experience. Written and drawn by some of the best queers in the biz, if you ask me! It's a pretty dense book, i haven't even gotten through MY entire copy yet, but so far, it is VERY good.

Why am I promoting this book? I mean, aside from the immense amount of talent packed into these pages? Aside from the astounding importance this book, and books like it have in comic circles, in queer circles, and bridging those two words together? Well, a certain cat eared superhero might make an appearance in there somewhere towards the middle.

Yes! At long last, the story can be told! The secret TransCat story I've been holding onto since last summer can finally take it's rightful place among TransCat Canon!
Like a lot of the "extra stories" I was doing at this time, this story takes place somewhere in between the end of issue #2 and the beginning of issue #4 and involves TransCat's and Chloie's budding relationship. Something I woulda loved to have spent more time on in the regular comics, but had to sacrifice in order to keep the pace popping. But that's why I love these little standalone stories. I can do all kindsa of fun, non-plot related stuff. Plus! This is the very first TransCat story to ever be presented in glorious FULL COLOUR! and for that you can thank Winnie Tong, the artist who coloured the cover of issue #2 for me. Thanks, Winnie!

Anywho, you can order your very own copy of Alphabet by Prism Comics RIGHT HERE!

If you wanna get it but you're not quite sure what you're in for, Cathy Camper at Lambda Literary wrote a really Excellent Review of it right here. Check it out, if you wanna know more about the compilation. As i said before, I cannot recommend this volume highly enough, and that would be true even if I weren't part of it. It really just is a fantastic piece of artwork and an incredible achievement by Tara, Jon and the whole Prism staff. They really pulled this together and made a great looking book. Thanks to them especially for believing in us enough to just keep on pushing and making this book happen, despite the many, maany obstacles that got in their way <3 div="">

Anywho, that's some news. I wanted to write something happy an exciting to replace the depressing bullshit I had on my front page for the past two weeks.

I am STILL plugging away at issue #8, but since I not longer have the time I'm used to having to work on comics, I'm aiming for more of a late September release as opposed to an early September release like I was hoping for. That means nothing new for Sac-Anime or the Santa Rosa Toy show, but if i play my cards right, that means the last TransCat issue before the hiatus will be debuting at Gaymer X, which I can't think of a better setup, to be honest. I simply can't.

Speaking of which, i better get back to work!

Thanks guys! don't forget about my PATREON!

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Future Of TransCat

So for those of you who follow me on social media, you might have seen a very emotional outburst from me on Facebook regarding my frustration with the cartoon business, followed by a loud, angry proclamation that I'm quitting my art and giving up on my dreams.

Well, now that I've calmed down, let me get into the actual meat of the problem and maybe bring some clarification to the situation I'm facing, and dish out the weight of my decisions.

This decision stems from more than just a frustration with the cartooning biz. It stems from family drama and a growing financial crisis that's enveloping us. I do work a regular job apart from doing cartoons. It pays okay, and generally I think I'm good at it and I like doing it. Until recently, it paid my bills just fine, and allowed me the opportunity to pursue my comic book dreams, and achieve success at them on my own terms, even if i had to sacrifice in order to do it.

Sadly, such things are not meant to last, as my father, who has been severely ill, mentally and physically, for a long time, has needed an increasing amount of financial support over the years. For awhile, it was something my mom was able to take care of. It wasn't fun for her, obviously, to have a sick spouse who couldn't work, wasn't bringing in money, and to have to constantly put his needs before her own, but she managed.
Over time, the financial demands of their lives together became stricter, and stricter. He needed more, she was making less. I stepped in to try and help. I sadly, could not offer much, but I gave what I could, even though I knew how little it helped.

Now, comes the major test. For reasons I won't get TOO into, my mom is facing the possibility that she might not be able to work for awhile. We're not sure how long, but it COULD be for a long time. Getting by was hard enough on her own, and it's not like she ever had an opportunity to save anything up. This isn't an occasion that I can afford to NOT rise to. I have only a few paths open to me if i want to help in a way that will make a difference.

1. I need to find a much higher paying job.

2. I need to get a night and weekend job.

3. I need to make a lot of money from my comics right the fuck now.

I've been playing my hand at getting famous for a long time now. I started Para~Somnia Comics in 2007, and while I'm a lot farther now than I've ever been, it's not a stream of income I can rely on.

Finding a much higher paying job would be ideal, but even if that were the case, the chances that I'd have most, if not all of my free time eaten up by it are high. More than likely, I'll have to pick up and night and weekend job to do, and that will most certainly eat up ALL my free time. I will have to drastically re-arrange my sleep schedule to accommodate.

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, less free time = Less time to draw.
Working on weekends = No more conventions.
No more drawing + No more conventions = No more TransCat

This is not a decision I am making lightly. Trust me when I say I DO NOT WANT THIS! I'm not giving up cartooning because I'm frustrated. I'm giving up because I don't have another choice. This is just what my life is turning into, and I need to adapt.

So! What can you, the TransCat audience expect in the coming months, or years? I do not have all the answers, but I have some. I'll give you what I have.

First: Issue #8 will come out as planned. It likely be the last issue, or at least the last physical issue, until I can get my shit together.

Second: I have 4 more convention appearances planned this year. Sac Anime on September 2nd through the 4th, Santa Rosa Comic and Toy Show on September 24th, Gaymer X September 30th through October 2nd, and Alternative Press Expo October 8th through the 9th.
All of these have already been payed for and I don't think I can get my money back from them, so it would be stupid to cancel. I'm gonna go to each of these cons and sell as much as I can, but after that, I have to stop.

Third: There are three TransCat stories yet to be released in other publications. One in Shuffle, one in Lightbulb and one in an as-of-yet unnamed comic compilation. These will be released as scheduled, even if we don't know what that schedule is right now. I'll do my best to keep you guys informed.

Fourth: There are countless pages of TransCat stories that may never see publication now. In what little time I have, I'm going to work on completing them and releasing them to you somehow. More than likely through Patreon.

Fifth: I had made mention of a few "secret" projects that I was working on that I could not reveal yet. Rest assured, I'm not the only one working on those, so those might still come to pass. Again, I'll do my best to keep you all in the loop.

So that's the long and short of it, guys. does it suck? Yes indeed, it sucks. I've literally never been more angry about something in my entire life. Not even when my ex-fiance called off our wedding with short notice. Trust me when I say I'll be working hard every day to undo this damage, but for now, this is the way it has to be.
If you're like me, you might be asking "what can I do to help?"
There's two main ways you can help, if you're a TransCat fan and you want to see the comics keep coming.

Number 1: BUY MY BOOKS
And get them soon because these might be the last TransCat books ever produced. Usually when I say "supplies are limited", it's a joke, but this time, I mean it. I may never be able to reprint these. What you get here and now may be the final TransCat books ever produced.

Like I said, if and when I ever get a chance to finish my unpublished comics, they'll probably only ever be on here. So pledge your support early, and get in on the ground floor of this hot mess.

Sadly, that's all you can do. Unless you just want to give me money for no reason, which i'll be honest, I won't say no to at this point.

Goodbye for now, my friends. Thanks for sticking with me as long as you did.

~Knave Murdok

Friday, July 29, 2016


So I kinda did a soft launch on my Patreon a month or so ago, just so I can see how it ran, learn the tricks and whatnot and figure out in what way I could best utilize it.
So now that I have an actual plan, consider this my official launch of my Patreon!
Up first is a BRAND NEW TRANSCAT COMIC that the whole family can enjoy, as long as your whole family is comprised mostly of angsty teens! It's a 20 page adventure that I'll be uploading one page a day, everyday from now until August 13th (first four pages are already up).
And guess what, YOU can see it! You can look at the whole thing and read it and process the story and visuals all for yourself! All you gotta do is donate to the Patreon! Any amount will do! ;-)

In the mean time, I'm busy busy busy finishing up chapter 8 for you guys in the hopes of completing it before Sac-Anime on September 2nd!
This is without a doubt the grandest scale TransCat story I've ever told. I'm so, so, so excited to bring it to you guys. I wish I could say more about it, but I worry about giving too much away.

On the topic of not wanting to give too much away, yet another project looms heavy over the horizon of the TransCat universe. Again, a lot of this has to remain under wraps for now, but wheat I CAN tell you is, at least seven different artists are slated to contribute to it. Oh man, it's going to expand TransCat's narrative SO MUCH! And with luck, we'll get the amazing talents of six other artists noticed and off the ground. Well, that's not fair, a few of them are very much off the ground already, in their own rights, but for a few others, their works are still being built, and I aim to help as much as I can with that!
This is actually the culmination of a dream I've had ever since college, really, the idea of getting a handful of great artists together to all contribute towards one massive project. Although, back in the day, when I'd pitch the idea to other artists, it was very often met with disdain. I guess when you're young and in college and still wondering how to really lay down your own style, the idea of teaming up can seem a little bit like an obstacle. But i'm sure ego takes a huge role in this as well, so... yeah...

In either case, this current lineup seems a lot more promising!
Trust when I say that when this thing starts taking more form, you won't be able to get me to shut up about it, but right now, I'd like to preserve the mystery.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


While not the first time Knave Murdok has had a gallery opening, it IS the first time for TransCat! So that's actually pretty exciting! The official opening was this Friday at the Cartoon Art Museum at their new location on 934 Brannan St.. If you are in the Bay Area, check it out, as far as I know, the exhibit is still open! Go! Look and see!
In conjunction with the gallery opening was a small comic convention. The Queer Comics Expo. Hosted by the museum itself, it was my first time ever tabling at it, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I gotta say though, I am so glad that it was what it was. I don't think there were any more than 20-30 exhibitors, but it was so well attended by such enthusiastic fans! People who knew my work well and couldn't wait to catch up on the new issues, plus tons of people who'd never heard of me before and were eager to find out. I don't think there was a single hard sell during the whole weekend. Everyone was just genuinely really interested. That's a far cry from most mainstream cons, even a con like GamerX!
I think I made a lot of new fans, and more importantly, lots of new friends!

Check me out up there! Very seldom to a I post pictures of myself. I'm a secretive trans like that. But I was having such a good time at the con, I actually allowed myself to get in front of a camera this time.

Apart from being a gallery opening and a convention, the event was also a celebration for the official shipping of the Alphabet Anthology, which I and dozens of other talented artists took part in. If you pre-ordered a copy, you should be gettin' yours soon. If you didn't, don't worry! They're gonna make it available to the general public very soon! I know I've been pimping this book for a long time and it just hasn't been available yet, but the good people at Prism are doing their best, despite many setbacks. Worry not! Your time will come!

If you'd like to nab ANOTHER compilation with an exclusive TransCat story in it, check out this year's edition of BAAU Down! One of TransCat's many "Pencil Adventures" comics made it into print for the first time for this one.

I know what you're thinking, no, this sexy cat girl on the cover is NOT an artist rendering of TransCat :P She just so happens to be a DIFFERENT cat girl, so don't get too excited!

What else is new? Sac-anime is in a month and a half! I'm doing my best to work on finishing Issue 8 before then. Shouldn't be too difficult a task in the amount of time I have, but sadly, it's one of two major projects I've juggling right now. I have yet another TransCat appearance in an upcoming compilation/zine/thing. Pray for me, folks.

Last thing, I just wanna re-iterate that I'm still offering A FREE TRANSCAT PRINT to anyone who donates to the Pulse Victims Fund.
If you're in the Sacramento area and wanna see me at Sac-Anime, I might even bring some of these prints with me, just in case you wanna get one in person.

Here's the gist of it! Donate to the Go Fund Me. Take a screen cap of your receipt, like so:

...and send it to either my EMAILFACEBOOK, TWITTERTUMBLR or my INSTAGRAM.
Include a shipping address, and I'll ship this wonderful new print to you <3 br="">I will be running this promotion until they reach their goal.
ANY donation amount will get you a print! i know not everyone can give a lot, and I don't want to exclude anyone from getting this print just because they're not a person of means.
So donate early, as much as you feel comfortable with, and receive this free gift from me.
BTW: I'm not in any way affiliated with this charity, i'm just doing my best to pimp it.
Thanks for the listening! And I'll see you guys soon!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Today, of all days...

So I normally don't do more than a post in a month unless something breaking happens.
I was gonna do an update on Monday, talking more about Queer Comics Expo and the gallery showing, but it all seems so trivial now.

I'm sure if you're an internet junkie like me, you've seen the news about what happened in Orlando last night at the Pulse night club. If not, here is the quick and dirty breakdown.
A homophobe murderer was so offended by two guys kissing that he decided to open fire inside one of the biggest gay clubs in town at the height of pride week. Fifty dead, fifty-three more injured.

Naturally the news is taking this opportunity to talk about gun control, about terrorism, about anything and everything they can so they don't have to talk about homophobia.They wanna call this guy an ISIS member, even though if you take a look at his life, he wanted to be a cop. No known ties to ISIS from him OR his family. The guy's dad even went on record to say they were not a religious family. This guy radicalized all by himself, and he did it right here in the United States of America, where he was born and raised.

It's a saddening state of affairs, that's become all too common. While our focus drifts outwards, our enemies inwards find time to strike.

It's a sad day, no doubt. A day so sad that it almost seems disrespectful to just wake up and go about your business, continue to live your life like nothing happened. But that's what we gotta do. Especially now, at this time, the height of Pride week. I've spoken before about my thoughts on Pride, and what the event has kinda turned into and why I don't enjoy it. But at the same time, I very much recognize it's reason to exist. It exists because we were tired of being attacked. So we took to the streets and started marching. And as you do when you're worried about your life being taken from you at any moment, to tend to bring the party with you while you're marching. Now would be a terrible time to cower. People want us dead all over. Just the other day, a Target got it's bathroom literally bombed! Someone set off a bomb because of Target's more welcoming policy towards trans folk using their bathrooms. A FUCKING BOMB!
Then there was the guy in LA they caught with a truckload of guns heading for Pride there!
Trust me when I say this is not the last attack that'll be coming from these animals, so if you are marching, please stay safe.

So what do we do now?
Well, there's already a blood drive going on for the survivors. There are plenty of donors there, despite the fact that the FDA still refuses to allow gay men to donate blood. That's pretty fucked up.

I was thinking I wanted to donate somehow to something, and hopefully not jump through the hoops of an organization that is still upholding homophobic rules while trying to help homosexuals.

Then I found the GoFundMe page for EqualityFL

They are collecting funds to help go towards the families of the victims, for counselling, legal aid, and more.
I made MY donation:
...and I'd like to urge you all to do the same.
To sweeten the deal, I'm willing to offer you THIS!

Make a donation! Any amount will do! Then take a screen cap of your receipt.
You can EMAIL it to me!
You can post it on my FACEBOOK page!
You can @me on my TWITTER page!
You can mention it to me on my TUMBLR page!
Or you can @me on my INSTAGRAM page!

PM me a shipping address and I will send you a signed print of the image at the top of this page!
and if you don't wanna print, feel free to donate anyway. i'm not actually affiliated with this group at all, I just wanted to rep them.

I'll see you guys later. If you need me, I'll be at the only queer club in town for their karaoke night, singing my heart out to some protest songs.

Once again, here's that LINK