Monday, April 14, 2014

TransCat #1 Cover Final Version!!

So yes! This! This is finally a thing! I'm so excited! After a multitude of delays for various reasons, TransCat #1 is finally a finished product! Looking at an early June release, maybe late May, depending on what happens with Fanime. Colours are by the ever talented Dani Smithers <3 p="">

Fanime! Whooo-boy! Now there's a clusterfuck right there.
Fanime, for me, has historically been a clusterfuck, but I always manage to overlook it because in the end it's always such a good and fun experience for me. This time might wind up being very different for me, because of the latest fuckery the Artist Alley is dropping down on the townsfolk below.

To put it a simple way, the main reason Fanime has been such a hassle in the past is because the Artist Alley has always been first come first serve. It is stressful in it's own right, but I could always rely on myself to be fast enough to get in somehow. If I didn't make the initial cut, I at least always wound up pretty early in the wait list, and kept my fingers crossed that it'd dwindle down to the point where I could sneak in, OR I could rely on a friend to share part of their table with me. Point is, I could get in one way or another using this system, even if it took a little finagling.

The new system, on the other hand, makes it WAY harder to get in if you didn't make the initial cut, and it seems like it's been tailor made to create animosity and rivalries between artists. The idea  is in essence, a jury system. Instead of everyone trying to get in first, Fanime set a time period of two or three days to get a very basic portfolio in, and then a panel of judges(?) would review them all and decide who they thought was "good enough" to be in the Artist Alley.

Now, before I even submitted, I had reservations. With any kind of jury, or panel judging system, you're going to have to deal with bias. I don't care how impartial they're consciously trying to be, there is GOING to be a bias! My initial fear was that everyone chosen for AA was all going to have art that looked essentially the same. I've joked in the past how a majority of indie/underground comic artists all looks like Scott Pilgrim meets Adventure Time, I'm imagining that Fanime this year will look like that with a dash of Kill La Kill mixed in.

Piled on top of that is the fact that the judges didn't post any kind of rubric for what the portfolio should include, and NO clue about they were even looking for or how they would be grading, so everyone kinda just went in blind. The results we got back were even less helpful. It was either "Hey, you got in!" or "Sorry, you didn't". I know this whole process wasn't meant to be a "critique", but the fact that no one knew why they were chosen or why they weren't chosen kind of defeats the purpose of a jury system at all. This was further illustrated by lots of people who were rejected posting the portfolios they submitted on the Fanime Facebook page. They turned away TONS of great talent from a great number of different styles. this only adds to the confusion, WHAT were they looking for? WHAT made the cut? We won't find out until Artist Alley actually opens on the first Friday of Fanime. If my fears are correct, I am going to be very sad.

All this drama was not made any better by the fact that the Facebook kinda exploded with the smugness of those accepted and the anger of those rejected. This wasn't true of every person, but it sure seemed like those who didn't make the cut were hellbent on tearing down those who did, and those who did make the cut were just being snarky assholes about it and lording it over those who didn't. Those seems like they were the most vocal conversations. It was depressing to behold.

I did not make the cut myself, and I would be a liar if I said I wasn't immensely butthurt. It's kinda hard to not take it personally when an institution you've been part of for 14 years tells you you're suddenly not good enough to be welcome there anymore. Especially depressing because I look SO forward to Fanime every year. After last year's debacle with the Artist Alley lots of artists are angrily shouting that they'll never work with Fanime again. I don't want to be too hasty, but I might be jumping on that bandwagon. I'm too often the optimist who says that things might be bad now but they'll be better next year! That has been demonstrably false with Fanime year by year. The con itself might be fun, but the hassle of AA gets just dumber and dumber. I have some friends at BAAU who are TRYING to squeeze me in to a table, and if that works, I'd be very happy... but if not I won't count it as such a big loss. If the system doesn't change again next year, I do not see myself returning to Fanime in 2015. The end of an era for me, most certainly. depressing...

On a much MUCH lighter note, I may have found a new home at Gaymer X! I am all signed up for it, thanks to my good friend Winnie. I did not go to Gaymer X last year, but I heard it was a blast. It's kinda nice to be getting on the ground floor of a new con that's already so successful. I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping for good things :3

In other news, I had a speaking engagement this last weekend up in Stockton for their local PFLAG chapter. It was essentially me recounting my experiences getting started in comics, and encouraging the various LGBTQQIA people who have stories they want to get out there with my humble success story :)
It wasn't a huge crowd, but I felt welcomed by them and felt like the things I had to say were appreciated.
Perhaps this will be the first of many speaking engagements I participate in.

Anywho! Keep your eye out for more news on TransCat. It will be coming!

Friday, March 21, 2014

TransCat #1 Promotional Ad Storyboard

So it's been about two months.
I've had to make some very tough decisions about the future of Brilliant Black Starres. I'd been uploading my Draft 1.5 thinking that very soon I'd devote some time to actually making a second draft that would implement the changes to the intro and the ending that I'd been kinda tossing in ad hoc to draft 1.5, but it was stupid and sloppy.

In the mean time, I kept on working on TransCat and would have these great idea for stuff that I could use in either TransCat OR BBS. And all the best shit kept on going to TransCat. Soon, BBS was shaping up to be a pretty second rate comic, and that's being generous. I can't play favourites with my creations, I dunno if i'm really capable of carrying on with two series at a time, and since TransCat is more important to me and has more headway, I'm putting BBS on indefinite hiatus.
TransCat #1 on the other hand is... pretty much finished. Just a few more things to spit shine and polish up before actual release. I'm getting the cover coloured, which is gonna be bomb. I have a friend who is helping me draw an epilogue for the story which is ALSO gonna rule.
I was hoping for a release this month, but I didn't want to rush these final details. I had my mind set on it being a quarterly, so I'm going to hopefully be ready to debut at Fanime at the end of May and then have an official June release. This all seems very do-able.

Other things of note, I'll be speaking at the PFLAG Stockton monthly event this April the 13th.
A short lecture about LGBTQ portrayal in media as well as LGBTQ content creators (like me!) The point being first and foremost to educate, the second being to hopefully inspire some of the cool LGBTQ affiliated kids in the audience with my own personal "success" story, *nervous laughter*.

So yeah! come to that thing! Here, I made a flier.

The OTHER thing, and it's not necessarily a thing yet, it's more the idea of a thing.
If you remember, a few years back I had done an appearance at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco for the release of Dave #1. It went really well and they liked me a lot there. I let them know about the impending release of TransCat and they're interested in having me again :D
no concrete plans have been made yet, because I guess the organizer just went on vacation or something, I caught her just a few days before she left, so we're gonna talk about it more when she gets home.
I'm assuming sometime around June/July, but I'll keep you guys updated. There will be many updates!

In the mean time, what I MOSTLY wanted to share with you is the storyboard for the TransCat animated commercial I've been planning on unleashing.
I found a very talented animator to help me with the project, and I'm super excited to see this all happen ^^

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Pages 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30

I'm back, after a long, long holiday break. A little longer than I shoulda taken, but it was needed, and unavoidable. Re-constructing this ending has taken a considerably longer amount of time than I initially imagined. The holidays themselves have taken a lot out of me, physically as well as emotionally, and while trying to coordinate this, I've also been coordinating the eventual (and impending) release of TransCat #1. It's happening, like... sooner than I even imagined. Tomorrow I'm scanning every page, and then inking will begin. I have the wonderfully talented Courteney Car working on an epilogue and an alternate cover, and the ever amazing, up-and-coming Dani Smithers is colouring MY cover.
This... is likely to be the greatest and most elaborate endeavor. And to be sure, because this is my singular most personal story. Even more so than Blood Will Tell back in 2008, but that was always a doomed project, because it was written out of anger. TransCat is the very definition of a Labour of LOVE! I was raised on Sailor Moon, so I've always believed that love will save the world, just took too long for me to take my own advice.
Needless to say, TransCat will be nothing short of incredible. I'm a little disappointed actually, that I'm only releasing Chapter 1 to you so far. As much as i'm excited to show it to you, I'm freaking out over how I ended Chapter 4.
I could be wrong, but I don't think this is a story that's ever even been attempted in a mainstream comic. I could be wrong, feel free to correct me if I am. I DO need to read more comics anyway, it's totally possible I've missed it if it has happened. Regardless, I'm super excited.

I really wish I had more to say about this, aside from fawning over how excited I am.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Pages 23, 24 and 25 (plus special surprise)

So for those of you who got BAAU Down #12 (available here) last summer, you will recognize this as where I make my big departure. This whole time, I've been making little tweaks here and there to the art and the dialogue, but from here on, I'll be making some major changes to the ending of this chapter.
I admit, the first time around, the ending was rushed. I had been working on it casually mostly just as a way to get it down on paper. That's why all the panels are just plain rectangles. Then very suddenly i was approached by the BAAU editors and asked if I'd like to contribute... and I said "uhm, of course!" I had every intention of finishing this up as I had intended and handing it over to them, but then came the little matter of the deadline~
By this time I had 25 pages, they needed close to 30ish. So I cut my story short a little bit, took out a few plot elements I had planned on adding in and save them until later. Now, however, I have no deadline. i can fuck with the ending as much as I want :3
So grab the "Alternate Ending" in BAAU 12 while you can ;-) I'm about to make it a collector's item!

I also have a special surprise in store for you guys (in case you couldn't tell from reading the title).
Apart from BBS, I've also been working feverishly on TransCat, as you all well know.
Well! TransCat... has found a publisher :D A good publisher this time! Not KaBlam! Ugh~!
I still need to ink the whole thing, but that ain't no big deal. I finally have access to a scanner large enough to get the pages, so now it's just a matter of time.

When I have more news on an imminent release date, do expect a media circus.
In the mean time, I'd like to share with you a concept for the cover of issue 1.

Behold, and be powerless against it.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Pages 21 and 22

I took this weird online music quiz awhile ago, the basic premise was they gave you this big huge list of popular artists, and you pick which ones you like, and that supposedly said something about the kind of lover you were. I could tell that whoever wrote the test was having a really fun time with it, and after awhile it seemed less and less about what kind of lover you were and more about what kinda person you were.
I looked for Green Day, one of my favourite bands when I was growing up. It said something about me that at first I didn't think was true. It said "You get upset over nothing all the time, but bounce back quickly."

I don't think I get upset at "nothing", for starters. Okay, well maybe sometimes I do, but often times, when I am upset, it's for a pretty good reason. Or at least... I think it's a good reason.

Second off, I have a really bad habit of holding onto my sadness, for reasons I can't really fathom. I get depressed, I stay depressed, for awhile. It kinda sucks. 

Or at least that's how it used to be.

I found out something really interesting about myself in the past couple weeks that must have been such a gradual change, I never even noticed it was happening until I got to where I am today. I really don't do that anymore. This whole business with J from last time would had had me mopey and whiney and depressed for months if if had happened 5 years ago. But here we are in 2013, I lose one of my life-long friends and the next week I'm not so much depressed as I am just sort of indignant. A month later and I barely even think about it anymore. It's funny how aging can affect how differently you experience things like anger, loss, betrayal and holding a grudge.

Case in point. Related, kinda... but not really.

Around the same time I knew J, I had this outrageously into this girl who I'll call A.We hung out all the goddamn time throughout junior and senior year and were at the least affectionate and physically friendly, but that was all. We were good kids back then, well... "good" kids, you know. Besides, I was a nervous little fucker then and had NO idea what to do about a girl I crushed on so hard :P
But I was happy just to be with her back then, and I just imagined that the relationship would evolve as it would as we spent more time together. 
But then something happened, there was some other guy she knew, and I became paranoid because I realized was now competing with someone who had access to drugs and alcohol, while little old straight edge Knave who didn't even WANT access to those things. She, on the other hand, did, and it did not take long for a rift to grow in between us. Suddenly I was not content with just letting the relationship grow as it would, because "as it would" probably meant I was gonna lose her.
I had to do... something, but who the heck knew what I could do?
I wanted to ask her out for Valentines day, and in doing so maybe forge something a little bit more solid. Maybe that was all we needed.
I asked her at school one day, and she agreed... but over the next several days I noticed I was seeing less and less of her at school altogether. But the big day was finally here, and I was nervous and shit, but ready as I'd ever be! I got myself dressed nice and called up her cell phone, she answered, sounding very groggy and scratchy. She confessed to me that she hadn't been feeling well (which accounted for why I wasn't seeing her at school) and she just wasn't feeling up to going out.

I was crushed, to say the least, because I was really looking forward to this evening being special. But what could I do? I wasn't gonna be special with a sick date. So I wished her a speedy recovery and hung up the phone. I moped around the house for awhile, when my mom came up with the suggestion to surprise her at home with maybe a nice bowl of soup and some flowers or something sweet and romantic like that. It wasn't too late to make the night special! So I set to work making a nice veggie soup which would hopefully help ease her sore throat a little. I called up her house, hoping to get her mom, in order to ask if she'd gone to bed yet.

Her mom did answer, but she gave me a terribly shocking answer. She had left with another guy about 30 minutes ago. I knew exactly which guy it was. 

To say I was fucking devastated would be putting it lightly. I don't believe I stopped crying until I fell asleep.

She wasn't at school the next day, or the next. Phone calls went unanswered and emails went unreturned. But I kept trying, because I felt like if we could just talk this out, we could get back on track. Earlier in the year we had entertained the notion of moving away to Chicago together after we graduated, and that was all I really wanted in the world, to be with her. 

But the longer I went without hearing from her, the less and less that seemed like it was gonna happen. I really felt like she had made a specific choice, drugs and booze over me, and I slowly made the transition from being devastated to being pissed.

I sent her one last email, something more than just "Hey, call me, I miss you", this was a long manifesto of my feelings, and it served as a very poignant bookend to our relationship. Or at least so I thought, because my email unleashed a very angry tirade from her, and she unleashed pretty much her true feelings about me in a barrage of insults that would have made Shakespeare blush. I wanted to retaliate, but I knew it would only make me feel worse. The last thing I think I said to her was "I never want to see you again." and then she was gone. Out of my life. Over time being pissed slowly turned into me hating her guts. It was a grudge that I held... for nearly ten years. I even turned my NEXT girlfriend against her, and they never even met. It would be a grudge that would go one to shape how I viewed relationships from that point on... and sadly, not in a good way at all.

Flash forward to a few years ago. A finds me on Facebook. Very nonchalantly reintroduces herself, a very casual kinda "long time no see" kinda affair. I... did not know if i wanted to reply, for some reason I was still so mad at her... but I got over myself and welcomed her into my friends list.

It took me awhile to broach the subject of ... what happened to us. To my shock, and somewhat annoyance, she didn't even really remember the incident that clearly. I spent the past decade agonizing over the details, all she knew was that she had hurt me, and she was coming to me wanting to make peace. I had changed a lot over the years, and made up my mind that holding a grudge for the rest of my life wasn't something I wanted incorporated into this new version of myself.
So we talked, we buried hatchets, we caught up, it was nice.

Rewind to a few weeks ago. She puts a message out there on the Facey-books saying she was coming back into town. In the decade we'd been out of touch, she had found her way into another state. But she was coming back, and we hadn't seen one anther face to face in pretty much all that time. It was time for that to end. So we made plans to get together. There was a little trepidation in my decision, but in the end, it was a decision I'm glad I made.

It seemed to me as if we picked up exactly from where we left off. As if our ugly past hadn't even occurred. It felt... so incredibly good.

We got together 4 times over the course of her being here, and it was amazing each time. In the end I had to see her off to her hometown and the new life she was building for herself up there. But I'm glad we got the chance to be together again, and re-assert our friendship.

More than anything, I find it so hilarious that someone I hated for so long has come back and we're friends again like nothing ever happened... while someone who I was so close with for such a long time now wants nothing to do with me.

and just like Green Day... I've bounced right back!

What a difference a decade makes, huh?

I'm so grateful for everything that's happened, good and bad.

This will all make for some really interesting storytelling in TransCat ;-)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Page 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20


It's been awhile, and I am making it up to you with six new pages.
It's been an eventful month, lots has been going on, good and bad.

I'll get the bad out of the way first.

It's been a very emotional month for me, as I've been trying to get over what I believe to be my very first friend-breakup. I've certainly had friends whom I've lost touch with over time and never saw again, but I've never had anyone, especially anyone so close to me and important in my life have the brass balls to flat out TELL me they didn't want to be friends anymore. I never thought that that was the kinda thing that happened between people, or at least not without a specific catalyst. Like if you catch them fucking around with you significant other or... if they maliciously killed your dog or something fucked up like that.
I'm glad to say my story isn't THAT tragic, but it is still sad, none the less.
Instead there was no catalyst, just the simple and abrupt ending to a friendship. Without cause and without explanation. My friend J, a very, very close friend of nearly 13 years "broke up" with me for reasons unknown.
This all came about because of my TransCat comic. Since the comic is based essentially on my life, J is in it. she's a pretty major character right from the beginning. We first met a freshmen in high school. since high school was kind of a dark time in my life, it was really nice to have found a friend like her. As much of a cliche as it sounds, the majority of people I knew back then seemed like they felt as if they were too good for me, and that if I deserve the time of day form them, I'd really have to work for it. This was not true of J, and our group. It was comforting to know that in the sea of hostiles, was a bastion of good where I was allowed to simply be.
After high school however, we split ways. It wasn't too terrible or permanent, though. We saw one another at conventions still, and every once in awhile I'd see her on special occasions, like on birthdays. And we always had the internet to talk. After awhile however, her life took her in a very different direction and she wound up going to a very nice school in Japan. It was sad to see her move so far away, but I was very proud of her. She was always really smart, and a person I looked up to and admired for that reason. Besides, we always had the internet.
Time went by, we graduated from our respective colleges. We talked, but not as often as we used to. Life has a way of getting people busy, but we understood. Or at least, I understood. She was building a whole new life overseas. She had a new job, a husband, a daughter, the whole shebang. Just as before, I couldn't have been any happier for her. I never imagined her as a mother, but she came by to visit once with her newborn daughter and the motherhood role seemed to fit her so naturally. I was happy for the kid, because she had such a cool mom.
Flash forward to present day. I'm working on a TransCat. There was a small detail I wanted to put in the comic that I didn't quite remember the specifics of. I had my doubts, but I thought maybe I'd hit up J, just in case she remembered better than me. I looked up her Facebook page, a page that I didn't visit very often. With a career and a family, J didn't have time for lots of updates, let alone idle small talk, so I didn't really go to her seeking it, mostly just the occasional comment on a new picture of the kid. Usually "aww, so cute".
To my surprise, we were no longer "friends" on Facebook. What the fuck? That... had to be a mistake or an oversight or something. I forgot the question
I was going to ask and instead asked her what was going on. For good measure, I sent her a new friend request. A day later I got the notification that the friend request had been accepted, I sighed in relief, only to check her page again to see we STILL were not "friends".
At this point I'm thinking this is a weird Facebook glitch. I messaged her again, letting her know what was going on.
What I got back was one of the most terse replies I'd ever received from her.
I wish I could find the exact wording she used, but the message is long lost to the annals of Facebook. She essentially admitted that she removed me from her friends list on purpose, re-accepting me back was a mistake, and that she simply didn't have the time to keep me as a friend anymore and that having me rattling around on her friends list was just awkward.
I'm used to J being just of a forward and blunt person but this cut me deep. One of my oldest friends now sees me as a waste of time. Just knowing that I'm out there, let alone interacting with me makes her feel awkward.
I thought about pleading to her, appealing to her sense of nostalgia and making her remember the good times, but no matter how I tried to word it, it all just reeked as a a waste of my own time. I felt desperate and useless. So eventually I just erased my entire message to her and told her that I didn't need to be told twice that I wasn't wanted and wished her and her family a good and happy life.

That's the deepest cut I've felt in a long time.

I've had some terrible fallings out with people, I've had lovers betray me, I've had friends straight up die on me.

But having someone whom i was at one time so close with write me out of her life with the click of a button for no discernible reason is a new kind of a hurt. Something I can safely say I've never felt before, and hope to never have to feel again.

I've no idea what triggered this in her, and likely never will. At first I felt a deep sense of betrayal, second guessing our entire history together. If she suddenly thinks I'm a waste of time now, who's to say she hasn't though that ever since we first met? Maybe for her, I was just a friendship of convenience, and keeping up with me online after she moved away was merely a formality, before she just couldn't be bothered anymore.
I was about to write off our entire friendship, throw out all of the things she had given me over the years, postcards, valentines, drawings... all of it.
Then, L, a mutual friend popped up on Facebook. This person didn't live nearly as far away, but was still kind of absent from my life. Seeing her on Facebook was kind of jarring, actually. She's NEVER on Facebook.

I hadn't been very specific about my troubles when i described them online, because the last thing I wanted to do was insight drama in the rest of our mutual friends, but i needed to vent somehow, so I kept my descriptors non-specific. Despite all this, L had already gleaned what had happened, and wanted to talk to me about it.

She had been right there with us at the beginning of our friendship. She lived it with us, hard times and all. She wanted me to know that my fears were unfounded, and that our friendship was way more than just a friendship of convenience. Despite how she was acting now, our relationship WAS real back then, and I shouldn't just write the whole thing off.
I wish L could have explained more about what was happening now, but she was just as much in the dark as I was. Seems like no one who really knows J seems to be able to explain her behavior, and I highly doubt that it's something I'll ever hear form J herself, so... I kinda give up.

While it is comforting to know that our past is as I remember it, it kinda sucks that I may never receive closure on this matter. I feel like I've lost something great, and a place in my heart which once held a close and loved friend is now conspicuously vacant.

This makes TransCat hard to proceed with, since J is such an important character early on. Part of me was considering going back and writing her out, but I decided against it. I'm already taking tons of artistic licenses with this story to begin with; this aspect of it I'm going to try and keep as close to life as I can. As much as I'm sure it will hurt to continue to write about our lives together, I'm determined not to hold onto this as hatred. I want to remember her fondly, I want to remember our time together fondly. That's what I hope to convey in the pages of my story.

Oh yeah, i told you there was good news as well.

Well, It's not much to say, compared to this essay of heartbreak, but it's still kind of a big deal.
I got myself a new job!

This is important not just because it means I can live like an adult human being again, but it ALSO means i'm gonna be able to afford to head to a few more Cons this year!
I've been laying off the Cons for awhile simply because of a lack of funds. I intend to return in force.

Hopefully by the time Con season rolls around again, my first serious volume of Brilliant Black Starres will be out, as well as my first several issues of TransCat :3

Didn't wanna leave you guys on such a downer note.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brilliant Black Starres: Preview Issue Page 11, 12, 13 and 14


So! This is a big update, and it wants a BIG cereal!
It's been awhile, as it often is. Sometimes I wonder if it would behoove me to to simply abandon this idea of this being a "weekly" blog, and just updating it when I actually have the time to do so. It would make me feel less guilty for missing updates. That, however, would be the easy way out :/

So why have I been absent? Portland. I went on a little mini vacation to Portland. And what a wonderful mini vacation it was. I actually went up there for a purely business related reason at first, but it was so nice that I decided to linger for awhile. I have nothing really going on down here that I simply NEEDED to be here for~ unless you count my mom's surgery, which was eventually what brought me back.

But the trip in itself was amazing. I am usually a fan of long distance drives. This is actually the longest distance trip I've ever attempted by myself. Prior to this I had driven to Arcata which is a good 6 hour trip, this was more like an 11 hour trip. 
I didn't do the whole 11 hours at once though. That would be dumb. I actually left the first day around 1 or 2pm, and stopped in Medford to stay with my friend Vickie and her mom and son for the night. Then I started up for Portland in the morning. I bunked with my buddy Jess, and her husband and daughter. They were kinda my home base for the entirety of my stay, They were also responsible for helping me conduct my business while I was up there, but that's a subject for another day.

Either way, it was great up there. I got to see a burlesque show and everything. A true vacation, by the very definition of the word!

I spent a whole 4 days up there, then headed down when I learned my mother had a surgery date. I stayed the night in Arcata with my friend Dani, which was awesome because soup was involved. I also got my nails did.

The way back down form there was awful, though! Usually a trip to or from Arcata from my home is about 6 hours, like I mentioned before. For some reason, when I left, there was so much traffic coming out of Arcata that it took more like 12 hours. It would have taken more like 9... but I stopped in Sacramento for dinner. Plus I have ANOTHER friend named Dani there, so it seemed the logical place to make a pit stop.

I made it home eventually, by the end I was freaking tired of driving. Since I've been home I've been trying to do as little driving as possible ^^ and it's been going great so far!

The trip unfortunately made me miss out on Sac-Anime, which is unfortunate, but it's also kinda... just fine, really. I've only had one really positive Sac-Anime. Granted it was one of my favourite convention memories ever, but at the same time, every time I've attempted to go to Sac-Anime since has been an unmitigated disaster. Ever since moving to the new location, the whole feel of the con has changed. When I first went it was mega crowded and popular, but in a small space. In a kind of leisurely, cool part of town that didn't seem to get a ton of traffic... except for the con goers.

Now it's in a bustling downtown area that seems to be always crowded, no matter what.

Not fun :(

I want to give it one more chance. I want to actually go as an artist, and see if that changes the experience for me any. Sac-Con is always great for me as an artist, who knows? Maybe Sac-Anime will be even greater?
I suppose we'll see.

In the mean time, Sac-Con is coming up, at the end of this month. I am gonna TRY my best to be there. That one is important. There is also Con-volution coming up in November that I'm pretty sure i'm gonna be at? i'm not 100% on it though.

updates... can happen.