Thursday, June 25, 2015


So! You remember last time (last month?) when i was talking about biiiiig things happening?
I wanted to tell you about it sooner, but had to keep quiet until every detail was finalized. it tore me up inside, it really, truly did, because I'm a press whore. either way, the big news can finally be revealed.

TransCat is coming to COMIC CON!!!

This will be my first time ever at this con, let alone being there in any kind of official capacity. Just being there is reason enough to be excited, but I've actually been offered one hell of an honourable opportunity. I'll be sitting on the panel for Writing Transgender Characters. Me and five other very talented artists and writers will be sharing our thoughts and experiences and fielding your questions about how we write our own respective transgender comic book heroes.

All info on this magical event can be gleaned from THIS link.

I can't say enough how honoured I am to even be considered for this panel. This is the most prestigious opportunity I've ever been offered, and I hope I'll be seeing as many of you guys as possible there.

I gotta thank my friend Zan, who runs Northwest Press. he helped boost TransCat's visibility online and is directly responsible for getting me on this panel. I also have to thank Tara who put the panel together in the first place, and has been so kind and helpful is navigating me through this big fat world of Comic Con :D

So, come! And crush a cup of wine!
Actually, please don't do that, just come and sit quietly and watch and ask a question if you feel like it :D

Apart from being on the panel, I'll be spending some time at the Prism Comics booth, where issues of TransCat will be available. Hopefully, if I can get my ass in gear, the long awaited Issue #5 will be making its debut there. If not, no big deal, we still got 4 sexy issues to choose from. And if that's not enough, Tara will be travelling around the country with these books at a variety of different conventions as well. Burbank, Long Beach, L.A., Salt Lake City and New York are all on the list.

So this is no small deal, for me, obviously. It is a big deal! A GREAT BIG DEAL! TransCat-Mania is going wild, brother!

I have limited time to do the rest of my preparations for this big fat show, so I'm gonna cut this blog post short and get back to work. More updates as they come.

~Knave Out

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fanime 2015, BAAU Vol. 14 and...SURPRISE EVENT~!!!.

Okay! Wow guys! Whew! So there's biiiig things happening in the world of Para~Somina comics.
First off, there's Fanime! Coming up in just two (or one) more day(s)!
If you're coming, and you wanna find me, and OTHER people from Bay Area Artists United, here's a handy little map!

That's me, with Alfred Twu at Table 602

I will be there, peddling my new TransCat Issue #4 along with all previous issues. I'm not certain I will have room at my table for TransCat apparel and accessories, but I am going to TRY!
More importantly, we'll be selling Volume 14 of the annual BAAU compilation.
Apart from being the combined efforts of dozens of talented local artists, it also houses Episode #0 of TransCat :D First time in print! Don't miss out this MIND BOGGLING opportunity!

If you CAN'T make it to Fanime, don't despair! You can get BAAU #14 on Amazon as well.
All the TransCat books can be found in the Online Shop as well.
I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna do apparel on the shop. I apologize, please bear with me <3 br="">
So, as many of you know, I've been doing Fanime since 2001, and for those 14 years, Fanime has been THE single biggest thing I've done every year in my attempts to get my name out there and further my comic career. Well, I've come to announce to you today, that Fanime is about to become SECOND BEST!!! :O

This is not 100% certain yet, but I'd go as far as to say it's at least 90% certain, and sadly, I am not yet allowed to give specific details yet... BUT trust me when i say that when this all gets revealed, it will in fact be the BIGGEST THING I'VE EVER DONE! Plus, if I play my cards right, it might become an annual thing for me in the same way Fanime is, and it might lead to something awesome happening for TransCat comics :3

I am doing my best here to not count my eggs before they hatch, but by golly I am just so gosh darned excited! :D

In the mean time, I'm scrambling to finish TransCat #5 in time for this hypothetical event. The only thing that would make this great thing greater is debuting a new book ^___^

Anyway, gotta prep for Fanime. I promise you all tons of pictures!

Knave Out!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TransCat Issue #4 Now Available!


It's finally happened! A full year of TransCat! Welcome to Issue #4! The issue that PROBABLY took the longest to complete. For some reason, doing the inking on this one just dragged and dragged. A lot of it can be blamed on a mixture of depression and laziness (or laziness brought on by depression?) but the other side of this coin was some technical difficulties I've been battling on this laptop. Without an immediate mode of repair, I had to cut some corners and make do with doing some things analogue. The end results looks amazing, but it took me at least twice as long.
Everything seems to be running okay on the machine end of things now. Issue #5 is already underway (looking at a late June/early July release). Still dealing with the fact that I'm depressed and outrageously lazy, though. My New Years resolution for 2015 was to step up my TransCat game as much as I could and i feel like I've really done the opposite :(

I'll get there though...

On the brighter side of things, I just got back from Big Wow Con in San Jose! Last year at this very convention, TransCat Issue #1 was released to the public, so I got some sentimentality associated with that particular con :)

The show went amazing, by the way. It started out kinda weird because not only did I get there slightly late, but when I first arrived, I had a hell of a time finding my table. The thing that happens when you arrive slightly late is that a lot of the table numbers get covered up by people's stuff, so walking down the aisle, counting down the numbers you CAN see trying to find YOUR number, can be a hassle.

I finally settled down at a table that LOOKED like it should have been mine. It was in the general area at least, but it was actually lacking any number altogether. I asked one of the Big Wow Staff if this was supposed to be me, and she replied, just as confused as me, "I THINK so...".

It was an awkward table to be at, I was at the end (or the beginning, depending on which way you were approaching from) of a row of cosplayers, and directly behind me was the Table Top Gaming area, which in itself was the last row of tables before reaching the wall. This in and of itself discouraged me because the LAST con I went to, I had the bad luck of being set up against a wall. I was really out of the way, and made very few sales. I was worried because I thought this was going to be a repeat of that event.
HOWEVER, less than an hour after set up, a different staff member approached me with a hopeful look in his eye. He said something to the effect of "Okay! So we made a mistake! It turns out THAT guy took your table before you got here", he pointed at a man on the opposite corner with a massive fan art/pin up setup. The staff member continued "...this table is promised to another cosplayer, so we are going to try and find a better place for you, since his setup will take forever to move."

I was immediately reinvigorated, because my setup moved really easy, and if it meant getting a better table, then i was ready and rarin' to go! Before I knew it, the staff member from before came by ans told me that she was gonna help me lift my entire table over to where I'd be for the rest of the con. And by "entire" I do mean the whole damn table. She took one end, I took the other, and we walked it over to a VERY nice place on the aisle, surrounded by other cartoonists. I've never received a finer upgrade. We had lots of traffic. In that first hour, I made zero sales, but after the move, I made my table money back and then some, and then day two was even better.

So yeah, needless to say, Big Wow was very good to me. I want to thank my friends Cameron and JD for coming with me, helping me carry stuff, keeping me company during the slow parts of the day, and providing me with amusing colour commentary all weekend :D
They were actually among my first customers when TransCat debuted last year, and now they're good friends of mine. O, the wonders of being an indie cartoonist.

So that was this weekend. But what does the future hold for TransCat?
Well, there's a small convention being put together by the Anime Club at Foothill College (which is, in a way, my alma mater) so I'll be participating in that.

Then, the end of next month is FANIME! :D So... like... that is also a big deal.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

TransCat Pencil Adventures! Issue #2

So here's a funny story! A little bit more than a month ago, My Facebook page reached the hefty milestone of 5000 subscribers. I thought to myself "Golly! What a thing! I should commemorate this by drawing something special!"
So I had this idea for a another Pencil Adventure comic that I wanted to do, so I started it, thinking it would be done in no time. But over time, the idea got grander, the setup for the joke became more complicated, and the artwork for the concept needed to be upped and upped and upped, to make the whole thing seem worthwhile. Suddenly this silly idea for a short comic became this 7 page concept piece that merely housed a joke. The joke was even added upon by my friend Amy (she came up with the closing punch line, props to her) and to top it all off, about 5 pages into it, I started to think about how this was all going to interconnect to the greater TransCat narrative!
So here we are now, more than a month later. My little gag comic is now commemorating 7645 Facebook subscribers and is not officially cannon.

There we other distraction as well. I mean, I'm pretty lazy, but I'd like to think there were other mitigating factors in this comic taking so long other than that. I guess first and most obvious is the Holiday Season. Chrimbus and New Years were kind of a big deal. or at least they WOULD have been, if I wasn't breathing snot the whole time! Oh joy! For real though, my body pretty much set out to ruin my vacation from work. I got myself sick ON Christmas day, and it was a sick that hung around until New Years Day, as if it were purposefully just trying to fuck with me. So as you can imagine, I was not doing tons of drawing. I did however listen to ALL of the Green Day!

Before and after the Holiday, and The Great Sickness, I actually managed to pull off some con appearances, at Sac-Con and Sac-Anime which went extraordinarily well. I used to do Sacramento Cons a LOT, but honestly I haven't really been there in awhile due to money troubles. Now that TransCat is more of a thing, i could afford to make the trip.
Sac-Con was great, as usual. i was reunited with Danielle, whom I'd go as far as to call my Sacramento comics partner now. Sac-anime was a bit of an adventure though! Long story short, I wasn't sure if I was even gonna be able to make it. I had made plans to at least ATTEND, even if it wasn't as an artist. I got on the wait list for Artist Alley way too late, and getting on wasn't looking good. But I was given a phone call, literally the evening before the first day of the con, and suddenly ALL my plans had to change :D to add drama to the experience, I HAD to make it there before noon, or else my table would be forfeit!
So what followed that morning was a mad, early morning dash all the way up to Sac, picking up my partner, check into the hotel, drop off our shit, get to the con, get registered (we accidentally went to regular registration first before we realized we had to register AT Artist Alley) and then set up the table. we made it with less than an hour to spare, thank God.

Sac-Anime went extraordinarily well! I almost ran out of TransCat #1. Another trend that seems to be cropping up is that early in the con, people would come by to get #1, and then much later on, come back to get #2 and #3. I was very flattered ^_^
This was also my first con with shirts, but I only managed to sell one. I'm glad I didn't make a ton of them, limited release was a good idea.
I am signed up to do Sac-Anime again in the summer, Sac-Con again in March, there's a small college convention going on in MV in April which I'm in for, and then THE BIG ONES! Fanime in May, APE in October and GX3 in December!

This will be a busy year for TransCat!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sac-Con Reviews, Store Updates, Things To Come!

So this is a sample of a poster I had made specially for Sac-Con, they came out lookin' awful swank.
I'm gonna be adding this to the store front tomorrow, but first I need to get some shipping tubes, and figure out how much it would even cost to ship! 

Here are the two patterns of shirt I made! These will also be added to the store front, hopefully as early as tomorrow, but again the problem of shipping comes up.
I'm so dreadfully new to all of this :D
I only have experience shipping books, but now I am becoming a true "captain of industry!" I think this moment comes when the time to spend merchandising your art exceeds the amount of time to spend creating art.

MC Frontalot and MC Lars did a very appropriately titled song on this subject, "Captains of Industry". Check it out on any of THESE LEGAL PLATFORMS because media is important :3

So Sac-Con was wonderful~!
It's been awhile since I've been up there for a show, at least a year, and probably even longer since I've tabled at one. This time was very different indeed. Sacramento has never seen TransCat before! In the space of time between now and my last show there, I managed to produce three TransCat books! I would say the reception was mostly positive. I'm always worried some zealot will happen across my table at some con someday and start preaching to me about how I'm promoting a sick life style and how I'll burn in hell etc etc etc... but it hasn't happened yet, thank god.
The main thing that was different, however, was the AMOUNT of stuff I had to bring with me.
I've NEVER promoted more than two books at a time.
Now, not only are there three TransCat titles out there, but still the two Dave the Punk Rock Cat books. On top of that I'm not a t-shirt and poster maker. All in all, I was carrying three pretty large boxes, plus one smaller box, and a flat box full of posters. I'm just glad I had helpers, is all I'm sayin'. Shout out to Danielle and Lindsay for that! :D Yay!

In the mean time, I am going to make an effort to just get into more shows, period. I'm on the wait list for Sac-Anime in January, so keep yer fingers crossed for me.
In the mean time, Issue #3 of TransCat is officially up for sale ion the shop, plus a number of holiday bundles I three together <3 br="">

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sacramento Comic, Toy and Anime Show! This Weekend!

This Sunday, Sunday! SUNDAY!!!
Knave Murdok makes her triumphant return to the Sacramento Comics Arena to do battle with the THRONGS OF RAGING FANS!
You payed for the whole seat, BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!

This is actually very exciting to me, because this will be the first time TransCat's made it to a Sacramento show. Sac shows have been, and might always be among my favourites, the fan community up there is so strong, and the convention circuit up there is always so lively. Plus, two of my good friends live up there and I haven't seen 'em in awhile. So hey! Awesome!

not only will this be the first Sacramento show TransCat has gone to, it will be the first show EVER to debut TransCat #3, which I've been frantically trying to finish this whole last month.
For me, working on ANYTHING in between October and December might as well be rolling a boulder uphill. Halloween is a big fat distraction, then comes my birthday and Thanksgiving, and finally, Christmas and New Years. But I swear it will be done! it will be! I am sending it to the printer TO-DAY! Come hell or high water!

Just to prove it, here's the cover!
I'm proud of this one! well, i'm proud of ALL my covers, but this one is pretty great. Colours by the very talented Nicholas Caesar with some additional shading and effects by always amazing Winnie Tong (whom you might remember from last issue's cover.
Notice the parental advisory warnings?
Yeah, that's not a joke! I'm not bound by any "comics code" or anything, but i'm not one to sling "surprise" adult situations at you ;-)
This comic... gets sexy.
And not like sexy in some base and exploitative way. It's actually a really cute scene where TransCat imagines what a night with Chloie might be like while in girl form ^_^
No nip slips or anything blatant, it's all very suggestive, while still remaining kind of cute and romantic. But suggestive none the less! The warning is there for a reason.

There's another surprise I'd been planning to debut at this show! you might be clued into it if you're a follower of my Tumblr, but here's my OFFICIAL official unveiling!


This is just a shot of one of them drying, but they're done now and ready to sell!
I haven't been an avid T-shirt maker in almost 4 years, but good old Winnie convinced me to dust off my old silk screen and even went as far as to buy me some ink and even Speedball squeegee for my birthday!
It would have been ridiculous NOT to make shirts!

They're in limited supply right now, I didn't have time to make tons. But i'll break them out at the con and whatever's left over will go on the website ^__^

Before I depart, i have one last piece of TransCat news to share with you.
When I went to Gaymer X this past summer, I met up with a man from Northwest Press publishing. With his help, I am now distributing TransCat digitally! Check it out!

This is new territory for me, I've never done digital comics before. The closest I ever got to that was an old webcomic I did back in the 2000's. so I really want this to go well, so hopefully we can get issue #2 up there maybe in March or something. So here's what i'm gonna do! I am announcing a contest! Here's what you have to do to enter!

1. Buy The Comic
2. Write A Review on the Website (You'll need a Wordpress Login to do so)
3. Send me an email linking me to your review (

I'll pick 3 reviews I really like :D

3rd place gets a free print copy of Issue #1.
2nd Place gets free print copies of #1, #2 and #3.
1st Place gets a free print copies of #1, #2 and #3 and a T-shirt!

Contest officially begins now!
I'll announce winners.. let's sayyy... February 1st!

Thanks in advance to anyone who enters <3 br="">See you in Sacramento!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TransCat Issue #2 is Officially for SALE!

I feel embarrassed.
I put an update for this up on my Tumblr and on my Facebook but I forgot to put one up HERE :P
So here we are! TransCat Issue #2! Out and Proud!

This is a direct continuation of Issue #1 in which Knave tests her new superpowers out in real life, meets a mysterious young lady who steals her heart, and accidentally catches the attention of her sleepy little town's corrupt-as-hell police force!
All this and more in TransCat Issue #2! YEAH!

Get yours at the PARASOMNIA SHOP