Wednesday, January 13, 2016

TransCat #6 is Out! (PLUS UPDATES)

Good lord, it has been a busy, BUSY year for TransCat. So much so that you'd think I'd update this blog more regularly.
First and foremost, TransCat #6 made it's print debut almost two weeks ago. (You can get that bad boy HERE!)
Being the savvy business person I am, I chose today (two weeks later) to be the day to not only add it to the online store, but to make a post about it at all!

Yikes, maybe I'm more fatigued than I thought!

I am recuperating not only from the two big shows in a row I just completed, but the entirety of the holiday season. First was Gaymer X3, then Christmas and New Years, and then Sac-Anime immediately afterwards. Four big events all side by side by side by side. Oof! OOF I SAY!

For now, I don't have anything else planned until March, which will be a nice change of pace. I'd LIKE to think that I can finish up Issue #7 no problem, but I guess we'll see!

Finishing by March will be important, because I'll be debuting at (yet again) TWO cons in the same month!
First will be old fan favourite Sac-Con! Taking place March 12th and 13th. But then, but THEN! Get ready for this, because holy wow is this a big deal! Knave Murdok will be making her triumphant return to WONDERCON!

I have not been to WonderCon since 2011, right before it moved away from the Bay Area, and all the way down to Anaheim. That was a saddening event because WonderCon 2009 was the first time I had ever attended a convention as a professional artist. Wondercon 2010 was when I met one of my coolest friends for the first time. WonderCon 2011 was when I got to see Kevin Smith perform for the first time! Then after that they were like "LOL why don't you drive 8 hours to come see us from now on, huh?"
Needless to say, I said "No" to that offer for years, but in 2016 I SHALL RETURN!

The same wonderful people who made my Comic-Con visit possible are putting on a similar series of panels again, and while at GX3 I was informally invited to be part of one of them, possibly.
I said "maybe" at the time, because it IS a long distance to travel, and i wasn't sure if I had a place to stay while i was there, but thanks to some creative string pulling, and a few friends in the right places, it looks like I might not have to worry 'bout that :D
So here I come Anaheim! RAWR!
Also, I'm just realizing as I type this that I'm also scheduled to appear at Silicon Valley Comic Con March 18th through the 20th.

Hot damn, I'm gonna be travelling every weekend in March! :O :O :O
I'd better be DOUBLY SURE I can get my books finished on time! I say "books" because there's more than one in the works!
I'm definitely putting issue #7 at the forefront! That's the most important one at the moment.
There is also the Alphabet Anthology I've been talking about for awhile. The Kickstarter was a huge success by the way ;-) I'm FAIRLY certain that one is debuting in March (Watch that space for details).
There is another story I'm submitting to the Shuffle Anthology (No link yet) which is DUE in March.

Lastly, I've been conceiving of a project recently called "No Son Of Mine", which will be a short one-off story about Chloie, and her childhood. I've been exploring a radically different style for this one, so it may not debut in March along with everything else, but I'll try. Imagine it coming down the pipeline sometime this year.

That's basically about it! I'll talk breifly about the cons I've been this this month.

So GX3 was amazing, as expected. This is only my second year attending this one, but every moment of it was precious! There is a stark contrast between GX3 and every other con I go to over the year. While there is a very distinct sense of inter-artist camaraderie at every con, there is also a steep sense of competition. At GX3, all I get is a sense of community. No one's climbing over you to try and get to the top, I think we're all just happy to be here in this wonderful little space we've carved out for ourselves. We are basking in one another's creative energy, boosting each other up, and making sure that the needs of our community are being catered to.
It is a magical place.

Sac-Anime was also pretty rad. They had it New Years Day, of all days! I thought it was pretty bold to schedule a con on a big holiday like that, and maybe it did affect attendance or maybe it didn't. It was hard to tell. All I know is what for me, as an artist, to make that drive up to Sac after a New Years party was a hell of a thing! Hoo boy! But I made it! I stumbled through that con like it was goddamn job (it was, actually) and came out smiling on the other end :D

So that's about it for now!
Keep an eye on my FACEBOOK page, as I'll be updating it soon with photos from Sac-Anime. a few GX3 ones are already up.
Also, I just made myself an INSTAGRAM which I'll be keeping updated with exclusive photos from my journeys and sneak peeks at stuff I'm workin' on.

See you all soon!

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Past Few Months In TransCat!

For those of you with sharp eyes, yes, that is Don Bluth's signature.
Earlier this year at Sac-Con, I had an incredibly rare opportunity to meet the man who gave us one of MY personal favourite movies growing up "An American Tail: Feivel Goes West", among many, many others. The line to meet him was gigantic. That's usually the thing that deters me from wanting to meet celebrities at cons, even ones I especially admire. However, fortune smiled on me and my lovely friend Courteney as we took a break from our table in the Artist Alley to give the rest of the con a run-through. We noticed the line to his table was thinning out towards the end of the day, and we knew we'd never have a better shot at meeting one of the architects of our childhood.
Most people who were waiting in line to meet Mr. Bluth were hoping for original sketches of original Bluth characters. Princess Daphne from Dragon's Lair was a popular request. Courteney got Mrs. Brisby. I figured this once in a lifetime opportunity called for something special. I quickly grabbed my phone and looked for a picture of TransCat to show Mr. Bluth as reference and asked if he'd be so kind to draw me  sketch of my original character! To my delight, he was happy to. I seriously could not be more honoured. I mean, I'm honoured to receive fan art as it is, but from someone whose work I've respected for basically my whole life was not a thing I ever expected.
He was so cheerful and jolly as well! I've run into my fair share of artists who are probably a quarter of Bluth's age and an eighth of his talent who are already totally burnt out on the con scene. Not Bluth though! This man seemed like he just couldn't possibly have been happier to be there, and all too willing to draw basically whatever came to mind from his fans. I only got to talk with him for a short time because even though the line was short at time time, I didn't want to hold it up, but wow! What an experience! This is a story I'm going to be telling for a long, long time. Alongside my Matt Groening story, of course!

Sac-Anime was an all around success! Which was great to have, since my whole life has been bogged down with a rapidly piling work schedule and possibly the worst case of seasonal depression I think I've ever had. I actually had to be taken to the ER a few nights ago because my head hurt so bad I couldn't see. Everyone I described my symptoms to said they were worried about a migraine, or a brain hemorrhaging. After the CT scan they said it was just a tension headache. I had to be rushed to the ER because i had too many feelings. How fucked up is that?
At least I got a couple days out of work out of it.
I admit, even though i'm glad it's nothing serious, I felt a little guilty going to the ER and taking time off work for essentially no reason. I'm just that kind of person, I guess. I always want to be doing something. Logic dictates that I should have spent my days off drawing, but instead I think I watched Gorillaz music videos on Youtube, slept a lot and went to go see the new James Bond film.
Oh, I was also on the phone arguing with my insurance company about why my ER visit wasn't gonna be covered. Don't worry, I got it sorted out.
James Bond was also pretty good.

Also! Happy Birthday to ME! :D
Yeah that was two days ago, in the throws of my feelings headache. I was considering uploading some special birthday art for myself because I'm an egomaniac, but I'm more concerned right now about doing a second draft for the cover of TransCat #6.
It was my hope to debut the new issue at GX3 but I've had so many setbacks, especially in recent months that it seems impossible. I won't stop trying, though, and at the very least I'll be able to release in December, thus adhering to my commitment of releasing a book every 3 months.
I am nothing if not punctual.

Let see, what else happened in the past three months?
I went to A.P.E.! For the first time in years! Oh, I missed A.P.E. a lot! It's changed considerably, but the heart is still there. I sort of miss the days when it was in dreary ass San Francisco. As much as I hate that city, there was something very heart warming about being there in the middle of October, when it was cloudy, foggy and most likely raining and walking into the warm, loving and artistic atmosphere that is A.P.E.
An oasis among the tumult and discord of the city. A bastion of camaraderie in a town that would eat you alive at a moment's notice. There, I felt safe, in an unsafe world.

But if we're gonna be real, moving to San Jose has made everything better.
I mean, for one, the parking was easier!
I think it also brought in a bigger turnout, both of artists AND audience.
I also got to be on another panel! Yes! Very similar in scope to the panel I was on at ComicCon but you know, obviously smaller scale.

There's me in the center, on my phone, like a professional :P
I couldn't find any shots of the panel actually in session, only this one from when we're waiting for it to actually start. But it was good! Lots of good questions and lots of good answers. If there was one thing the ComicCon panels lacked was more time for Q&A. We got down to that right quick at this panel! It was great! I would definitely like to take part in more of these. I enjoy them quite a lot.

What else is going on?

I've got an exclusive TransCat story appearing in the upcoming Alphabet Anthology which you can read all about HERE. I don't think i have a bio up yet but the book ain't coming out till March or something anyway, so we got time.There's also a cool colouring book project I've been tapped to do, which I'm excited about :D and another anthology in the works.

Basically, you're gonna be seeing a lot of Knave next year, as if you'd have it any other way. ;-)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Day Late, A Dollar Short: The TransCat Issue #5 Story!

About time, right? Get it HERE!

Wow! so this is finally out! Right?
Actually, it's been out for a couple weeks now, but I'm just now getting around to putting it up on the shop.
Let me explain.
I was doing my best to get this thing finished and released in time for Sac-Anime, which I did! (More on that later) But what wound up happening right AFTER Sac-Anime was two of my best friends wound up getting married (Yes, to each other) and I just couldn't not be part of that ceremony.
Then immediately after that, I had to skip town to Denver, CO for a week to attend my grandfather's funeral.
I brought my laptop with me in the hopes of updating my site while on the road, but for the life of me I could not make it connect to the wifi in my uncle's house.
At that point I just said "fuck it, I'll update when I get home!" So here I am! Doing that thing!
The comic is in stock and available at the shop with everything else.
A few changes tho. I had to remove the 2 "Dave the Punk Rock Cat" issues that were lingering around on the bottom. I gave away my last few issues of those are prizes in a charity giveaway thing at Sac-Anime so now they are officially GONE! Out of print! Forever, maybe? Or least out of print until the gritty reboot directed by Zach Snyder. Who knows?

I am also renewing my efforts to figure out how much it costs to ship things. I've had a lotta peeps at cons asking me to sell my shirts and hats online. Probably my posters too. I gotta figure that out.

Also, if you follow my FACEBOOK PAGE then you already know I've shut down my art commission orders. I'll still do commissions AT conventions but as for taking requests at any other time, I've had to shut it down. It is too time costly and really detracts from time I could be working on TransCat. I've seriously committed to to putting out four issues a year and I wanna stick to that as best I can. I don't wanna be like TOO MANY indie comic creators and keep my readers waiting for months, years, etc. between issues. I don't wanna be Rick Speaks, keeping us waiting eight years for issues #7 and #8 of Pirates of Coney Island. That will not be me! I swear!

Pictures can be found here!

But anyway! Sac-Con! Yes! That was very good! An auspicious debut from good ol' TransCat #5.
Lots of excellent cosplay this year, Steven Universe Fever hit the con HARD! I am very glad I took the time to get myself caught up on that series. Turns out it's a fad for a reason. So good! I wasn't taking tons of pictures this time because I was mostly at my table by myself. My longtime Sac-Collaborator, Danielle was unfortunate enough to be snagged by work hardcore this weekend. Thankfully, I had a few other buddies come to keep me company so the con wasn't as lonely as it coulda been.
One of those friends happens to be good ol' Al Neun! You might remember Al as the artist behind the TransCat Mini-Sode in issue #4! Well hang on to your FUCKIN' SOCKS because Al has his own series now!
Ladies and Gentlemen and everyone beyond and in-between, I present to you, Issue #1 of Transformed!

Get it HERE!

Transformed is a hell of a book, and I actually had the privilege to read it while still in development stages. It is a GREAT first issue and hopefully the signally call for many more issues to come! I know it's rough for an artist's first publication. I will say this for sure, Al's first book looks a hell of a lot better than MY first book! You all should follow that link and buy yourself a copy! It's a super cute read, and there seems to be some inklings in the first issue of a deeper plot soon to blossom. I personally can't wait, and neither should you! >:O

So that's about it with the past stuff, now some future stuff!

As you know, Alternative Press Expo is coming up, and i'm gonna be part of it. In fact, I'll be bringing along Al and some other artist friends of mine! :D

Not too long after that will be GaymerX Part 3: GaymerX Rises! This one I am actually SUPER excited about because not only will i be there selling my books, but I have enrolled in yet another speaking engagement, a la' my ComicCon appearance! :D
It'll be pretty sweet! More on that to come.

Also, there's that Alphabet anthology I'll be featured in soon!
I think they said they were looking at a November release for that? That'd be perfect, since it'll be my Birthday around that time. I'll let you know more when i know more :D

Everything is coming up TransCat!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Post-ComicCon Wrapup :D :D :D

Approximately fifteen years ago, I wrote a comic, that even to this day I consider to be one of my greatest works. It was a sarcastic and darkly comedic re-framing of the popular Magical Girl genre, taking place in a ruined cyberpunk city-scape inspired by Dark City and Final Fantasy 7. By the time I was "finished" with it, it was 255 pages long. It was funny, it was brutally violent, and I loved it.
But! It's never been published, and most likely never will be, at this point. At the time I was writing it, I had so many supportive friends (many of whom are the only people who've ever seen this story) who urged me on and on to get this book published. They insisted! I was young, I was insecure, and no matter how many people told me they loved my work and that they felt like I was talented and funny, I never felt like I was good enough. I never felt like my work was "ready" to be thrown into the real world of cartooning. This sentiment was reinforced a few years later by my first serious romantic partner who told me that they would never marry "a starving artist", and that I should get a real job if I wanted our relationship to go anywhere. 
So I kept my work to myself for a long time. I had a small outlet in my DeviantArt account (which I should really get around to deleting someday! Wow!) but for the most part, the frequency of my artwork dwindled to almost nothing. Me and this person parted ways in 2008. In 2009, I got the inkling to maybe start drawing again, and realized I'd forgotten how. I had to reteach myself all over again.
The point is, I spent a large chunk of my life convinced that I my work was garbage, and it would serve no purpose other than to amuse myself. But last weekend, I got back from ComicCon, quite possibly the largest comic convention in the world, where my work on TransCat was debuted in front of one of the largest groups it's ever been shown to. People were asking to take my picture, people were asking for my autograph. I've never been more proud.
Despite the fact that I still to this day struggle with these feelings of inadequacy, I've come a long, long way since that day in 2009 when I decided to take a serious stab at being a cartoonist. Hell, I've come a long way from my 255 page epic I wrote in high school. I'm glad I've made it this far, but there's still a part of me that wonders how different my life would have been if I hadn't spent so much of it scared too try.

But that's enough of my angsty past! Let me tell you guys about ComicCon!

As you know from my last entry, I was VERY apprehensive about going at all. The drive was easily the most daunting part of the whole journey. I swear on my life I am NEVER making that drive again. If I am lucky enough to be invited to SDCC a second time, I am saving up some money and buying a plane ticket. The last 3 hours of the drive I was shouting "I WANNA GO TO BED!!!" There was no one there to shout to. I was just shouting. Also, just the experience of driving THROUGH Los Angeles was enough to send shivers down my spine. I kept worrying the neon monster of a city would swallow me and my car up, never to be seen again. I was also unlucky enough to hit some heavy, midnight road construction. Five lanes, which even at this ungodly hour were filled with cars and semis were forced to merge into one. It was a nightmare.

Thankfully, the actual city of San Diego was surprisingly habitable! I was worried that it was just going to be an extension of LA, and I can't tell you how happy I am that I was wrong. San Diego actually reminded me a lot more of my home town than it did San Francisco. I was warned ahead of time that parking in the area was going to be tricky, but I lucked out and found a place to perma-park, and just took Lyft everywhere else. Bless those people. My host was trying to convince me that the train would have been cheaper, but I can barely navigate my way through public transit in my home town, no way I'm gonna risk it in a foreign city.

Lyft almost became my undoing on the first day, actually. My own fault though, nothing to do with them. On the first day, I naturally had to bring my box of comics with me. That was actually my whole motivation for taking Lyft in the first place. I didn't want to have to lug that thing around on public transit. but anyway, i had my box of comics with me, but it was pretty huge, so i put it in the guy's backseat. Then, on the way over, i forgot it was there and LEFT it in his back seat when I got out. I didn't even realize I was missing something important until I got almost all the way to the door. LUCKILY, Lyft has contingencies in place for just such an event! The driver (who was fucking awesome by the way) took the time to try and find me again in the crowd so I could get my books back! This guy was a fucking champ!

So I got my books, went in and got my badge, found the Prism table (which would become my base of operations for the weekend) and finally managed to settle down in a way that truly allowed me to enjoy my surroundings. Thursday was apparently going to be the "quiet" day for ComicCon, despite the fact the place was still what I'd consider "crowded". Even on its slow day, SDCC was still at least ten times more packed than Fanime on it's busiest day. Additionally, this con confirmed what I guess I've always known about people who go to cons, is that 90% of them have minimal spacial awareness. They have no idea who or what is around them, they'll walk right into people, back up into people, gather up and crowd already crowded spaces, block busy intersections, ignore where lines form/end, etc. To put it simply, it was a clusterfuck. BUT! I can't complain too much, because over the past several years, the time and training I've put into Kung Fu and taught me how to move through unruly crowds with relatively little trouble. I barely bumped into anyone. and really, that's the main reason anyone studies a martial art, so they don't bump into people in crowded places.

There was one other very stark difference between this con and many other cons I've been to in the past. Usually when I go to cons, I want to take pictures of people's costumes, the costumes are the main attraction. However, at ComicCon, the main attraction was STUFF! giant statues, displays, sculptures, products, etc. Normally I'd never consider taking a picture of an inanimate object at a con, but the inanimate objects at this con were SO COOL! Like, holy shit! I won't bother trying to describe it with my puny, human words, because like, here's some pictures.


So that top one is me on the Prism panel :D I was gonna hafta to get to this part of it eventually, wasn't I?
Yes, the panel was 100% awesome! BIG ups to Tara and to Prism comics for making it happen, and for letting me be on it. There were a few articles penned about it while I'll link you to here.

Bleeding Cool News did a quick little write up of our event. I was mentioned by name, but somehow I was the only member of the panel whom they chose not to quote :P

Racialicious did a pretty thorough live tweet of the panel. They misgendered me :( But apologized halfway through :)

The Daily Beast probably did the best summary of the event, but couldn't stop themselves from dropping Caitlyn Jenner's name every couple sentences. *eyeroll*

HuffPo did a thing, even.

The Onion even felt we were worth some snarky blurbs :3

So yeah! It was good! Great, even! An hour was NOT long enough though, wow! I was amazed at how quickly it flew by. By the time we were done with introductions, it seemed like we'd already eaten through 30 minutes. I'll admit I was nervous when I first got up there. when I got asked my first question I definitely stalled and stuttered a little bit, but got into the swing of things after my first sentence, and it just got easier from there. I'm glad I was able to share the table with so many other great people doing great work. I felt like a dwarf among titans for the most part. I was surrounded by people who'd won awards for their art and writing, people who worked professionally for their art in professional circles, and here I was, this little comic that hadn't been around for much more than a year, in very small runs, sold mostly online and at conventions, no major distribution at all~

And here I was! WITH them!
I was enough to simultaneously make me feel very accomplished, AND very small. A strange feeling indeed.
After the panel, I went back to the Prism booth for an autograph signing session. To my pleasant surprise, there were people who actually recognized me from the panel and wanted my autograph. Others were just passers by whom I hooked with methods similar to ones I would use at any other con. i also got hit on by a LOT of dudes! I've never been hit on this much, actually. It was slightly uncomfortable, but what made it that wasn't the fact that they were dudes, but more the obvious fact that I don't think any of them realized I was trans at all. so it was just a bunch of gay guys hitting on who they thought was another gay guy. Also, all of them were considerably older than me. Like, considerably, considerably!

Thankfully, that was over quickly. I spent the remainder of the weekend doing my best to stay out of long lines. I met Jhonen Vasquez, Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, Stephen Silver, Aaron Alexovich and some others. I got autographs, I got selfies, it was good.
I also got, like... almost $200 worth of toys! Holy crap did I buy a lot of toys. ComicCon apparently is a good place for nice, exclusive action figures. I guess I always knew this, but this was the first time I experienced it firsthand.

I got the SDCC exclusive set of Doctor Strange action figures:

Look at that! Look at how badass that is! These are easily the most finely packaged toys I've ever had the pleasure of owning. The toys themselves are badass as well, but the packaging is something really special. You can't tell from the picture, but there are pages of a book that fold down over them in their box, and the box itself is lined with their really nice, velvet covered plastic molding. almost felt bad taking them out, but to be honest, the box was too LARGE to be displayed in any logical way, assuming that is how I wished to display them.
The real kicker is, I don't even know that much of Doctor Strange :P I got it because Doctor Strange (up left) and Dormammu (bottom center) who both play prominent roles in "Marvel vs. Capcom 3".
Also, hearing the Marvel plans on releasing a Doctor Strange movie sometime next year might have motivated the purchase as well. He's definitely an intriguing character ( a space wizard???) and one i'd like to read up on :D

So yeah, there were my ComicCon escapades! Stressful, but ultimately, very worth it.
I would definitely go back next year, if invited. I dunno if I'm big enough in the industry yet to go on my own volition, but hey! Lots can happen in a year, right? We'll see!

In the mean time, there is some additional news to announce. As a result of my involvement with Prism comics during this con, I've wormed my way into the next Alphabet Comics Anthology :D There will be a new TransCat story featured in this upcomming issue, info on that as it comes! :D

TransCat #5 is STILL coming out! Hopefully before July is out.

I also got Sac-Con, Sac-Anime and Alternative Press Expo coming up! :D

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pre-ComicCon Emotional Meltodown D: D: D:

First thing's first, I realized i never uploaded or shared ANY of my Fanime pictures. I got real lethargic after that con, and then lethargy turned to forgetfulness, and now that ComicCon draws ever nearer, I feel i should do what i can to give these guys the proper unveiling they deserve.

Follow me to my FACEBOOK
But now I cannot afford to be lethargic, because San Diego Comic Con is literally tomorrow and I have approximately 400 miles to cover, and one last day of work to get through. I've definitely traveled farther distances before, but never for anything this important. Also, San Diego has accrued somewhat of a reputation for being a crowded, busy city. I've sworn on my life, a vendetta against San Francisco, I can only imagine what sort of piss soaked, white knuckled, shrieking terror awaits me in San Diego, a city roughly 1.5 times as large and roughly twice the population. I pray I make it without having some form of mental breakdown =_=

That in itself would be a feat, getting to the city BEFORE having a mental breakdown, that is. Like I said,, one last day of work left, then I need to make the drive there, at the same time everyone else is getting out of work.

I am prepared for Armageddon.

Thankfully, I'm arriving at a friend's house first, so I can get right to bed if need be (I will probably need exactly that) and THEN, even on the first day of CC I don't need to be there before 4pm. That will give me plenty of time to traverse the horrors of the city and the existential torture of finding a place to park my car.
I figure I'll take my car on the first day, since I'm having to lug a box full of comics with me. The rest of the weekend, however, i'm gonna try and master the public transit system. Friday through Sunday I don't need to be there at a certain time AT ALL so I can take my time getting ready and getting there, as much time as I want.

This will be a very different sort of convention experience for me, since I am not expected to occupy a table the entire time. I have a panel, then an autograph session, and then I'm free to roam. I'll only be leaving my books at the Prism Comics booth, while the good people there sell them for me. I can do whatever I want in the mean time :O
Part of me is weighing the merits of being at the booth regardless of not having to be there. Afterall, who's better at selling my comics than me? But then again, how often do I get this opportunity? Almost never. It's a tough balancing act.

Either way, I'm excited. I just hope I don't go crazy before it all happens.

I'll be in touch, guys [heart]

Thursday, June 25, 2015


So! You remember last time (last month?) when i was talking about biiiiig things happening?
I wanted to tell you about it sooner, but had to keep quiet until every detail was finalized. it tore me up inside, it really, truly did, because I'm a press whore. either way, the big news can finally be revealed.

TransCat is coming to COMIC CON!!!

This will be my first time ever at this con, let alone being there in any kind of official capacity. Just being there is reason enough to be excited, but I've actually been offered one hell of an honourable opportunity. I'll be sitting on the panel for Writing Transgender Characters. Me and five other very talented artists and writers will be sharing our thoughts and experiences and fielding your questions about how we write our own respective transgender comic book heroes.

All info on this magical event can be gleaned from THIS link.

I can't say enough how honoured I am to even be considered for this panel. This is the most prestigious opportunity I've ever been offered, and I hope I'll be seeing as many of you guys as possible there.

I gotta thank my friend Zan, who runs Northwest Press. he helped boost TransCat's visibility online and is directly responsible for getting me on this panel. I also have to thank Tara who put the panel together in the first place, and has been so kind and helpful is navigating me through this big fat world of Comic Con :D

So, come! And crush a cup of wine!
Actually, please don't do that, just come and sit quietly and watch and ask a question if you feel like it :D

Apart from being on the panel, I'll be spending some time at the Prism Comics booth, where issues of TransCat will be available. Hopefully, if I can get my ass in gear, the long awaited Issue #5 will be making its debut there. If not, no big deal, we still got 4 sexy issues to choose from. And if that's not enough, Tara will be travelling around the country with these books at a variety of different conventions as well. Burbank, Long Beach, L.A., Salt Lake City and New York are all on the list.

So this is no small deal, for me, obviously. It is a big deal! A GREAT BIG DEAL! TransCat-Mania is going wild, brother!

I have limited time to do the rest of my preparations for this big fat show, so I'm gonna cut this blog post short and get back to work. More updates as they come.

~Knave Out

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fanime 2015, BAAU Vol. 14 and...SURPRISE EVENT~!!!.

Okay! Wow guys! Whew! So there's biiiig things happening in the world of Para~Somina comics.
First off, there's Fanime! Coming up in just two (or one) more day(s)!
If you're coming, and you wanna find me, and OTHER people from Bay Area Artists United, here's a handy little map!

That's me, with Alfred Twu at Table 602

I will be there, peddling my new TransCat Issue #4 along with all previous issues. I'm not certain I will have room at my table for TransCat apparel and accessories, but I am going to TRY!
More importantly, we'll be selling Volume 14 of the annual BAAU compilation.
Apart from being the combined efforts of dozens of talented local artists, it also houses Episode #0 of TransCat :D First time in print! Don't miss out this MIND BOGGLING opportunity!

If you CAN'T make it to Fanime, don't despair! You can get BAAU #14 on Amazon as well.
All the TransCat books can be found in the Online Shop as well.
I'm still trying to figure out how I'm gonna do apparel on the shop. I apologize, please bear with me <3 br="">
So, as many of you know, I've been doing Fanime since 2001, and for those 14 years, Fanime has been THE single biggest thing I've done every year in my attempts to get my name out there and further my comic career. Well, I've come to announce to you today, that Fanime is about to become SECOND BEST!!! :O

This is not 100% certain yet, but I'd go as far as to say it's at least 90% certain, and sadly, I am not yet allowed to give specific details yet... BUT trust me when i say that when this all gets revealed, it will in fact be the BIGGEST THING I'VE EVER DONE! Plus, if I play my cards right, it might become an annual thing for me in the same way Fanime is, and it might lead to something awesome happening for TransCat comics :3

I am doing my best here to not count my eggs before they hatch, but by golly I am just so gosh darned excited! :D

In the mean time, I'm scrambling to finish TransCat #5 in time for this hypothetical event. The only thing that would make this great thing greater is debuting a new book ^___^

Anyway, gotta prep for Fanime. I promise you all tons of pictures!

Knave Out!