Monday, April 10, 2017

TransCat #8, The Charles Schulz Museum and An Apology For April Fool's Day.

It seems like each new book I put out is a harsher and harsher fight to actually get out. either because of semantics, or because I'm doing something new and different with this book that I've never done before.
This time it was a little mixture of both.
If you're on my Patreon then you've probably gotten a chance to read the digital version of this book already.
However, there is a special surprise inside this book, if you order a physical copy of the, a free prize awaits you inside! What sort of prize, you may be asking? Ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to tell you what sort of prize, because this is a momentous step forward in the progression of TransCat.

Issue number 8 will be the first TransCat book to include a music CD. Now if you've been following TransCat since the beginning, then you've seen the after story "Playlists" in every issue and you know that music has, and will always play a major role in its storytelling, but what I've done here is even a little bit more special than that.
I cannot simply burn a CD with all the songs from the playlist on it and stick it in the book. I am almost 100% certain that would be illegal. Since I don't want to be slapped with cease and desist letters from EVERY major record label, I'll do ya one better.

Included in this issue is a new, ORIGINAL song, composed and recorded by my good friend Ill Poe featuring HIS good friend, DJ Shoba. The song was written about the events in this comic, so for now, it is only available here! And ONLY in the first printing of the book! SO GET YOURS WHILE IT LASTS!
Don't worry, if you were not able to make the opening even at The Schulz Museum, the comic WILL be made available for purchase in my SHOP probably as early as tomorrow. I need to weigh this book and see how much different the shipping will be from my standards books (because not only is a disc included, but this book has more pages as well!) Expect another announcement soon.

On the Subject of the Schulz Museum appearance, it went amazingly well!

This was my first outing to a convention this year, and it's only one of two that I even have planned. It was nice to get back into the swing of things. It FELT like I hadn't missed a beat, and was still feeling very comfortable and at home in this setting. I did make one kind of funny mistake though, and that was that I did not really research the buildings and the surrounding area of the Museum at all! As a result, i was not aware there were multiple buildings right next to each other named for Charles M. Schulz. I accidentally wheeled by big box of comics into the Charles M. Schultz ice skating rink at first O__O
Seeing all those people walk around with their skates and the hockey sticks was my FIRST indication that I was NOT in a museum, but thankfully a helpful cashier at the cafe in the front was able to point me in the right direction, and I wasn't TOO late.

It was a low key event, and it was only one day, but not only did i manage to sell a respectable handful of books, I got to talk to a lot of kids who aspire to one day be art professionals like myself, and give them some insights into my process, and how I overcame the obstacles I encounter along the way. hopefully, having spoken with me will empower them to keep on doing what they're doing art-wise.

My next event will be Sac-Anime Summer, which is this September. Registration hasn't even opened for it yet, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates.

So this brings me to my LAST item for this update :D

If you follow me on my various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, then chances are you saw my April Fool's joke about a TransCat animated series debuting on [adult swim] next summer.

If the sheer amount of messages I got from fans is any indication, then there's a good chance I actually DID fool you, and I am sorry for that :P
I guess Facebook managed to cut off the last second of the video (the part that actually said April Fool's on it), and it circulated far and wide without the giveaway, and APPARENTLY I'm just so good at creating fake [adult swim] bumper that most people just accepted it without question.
I got an inbox full of "Hey! Congrats!" messages that I just simply don't have the heart to answer!
Truly, t'was only myself who was an April Fool THAT day.

In either case, another reason to check out this video is that it contains a clip of the new song that is featured in TransCat #8! Give yourself a little taste of what you're in for when you order the book tomorrow.

That's it for now, my precious children of the night!
Talk to you all again later!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

TransCat Pencil Adventures #6: Pay A Trans Person Day

Without further ado, I'll dispense with the pleasantries and get right to the links. - Awesome comic about a medieval knight, turned to a woman by a magic spell, and kinda starts digging it! - Fantasy artwork from a trans man - Poetry written with trans womanhood in mind. - charcoal portraits and nudes coupled with tattoo design. - Non binary performance artist - Sexy pictures of big, muscular anime guys (DEFINITIE NSFW) - Drag queen, performance artist. - Minimalist electronic music by a trans woman. - Ongoing web comic series by a trans woman. - Activism, art and poetry - Graphic design with a social justice focus - UX and UI design by a trans woman. - an educational experience for people who love to make things - A conept for a novel series currently taking shape with a trans woman at the helm. - A comic series by a non-binary person

Please check this space again, as this list is still being compiled.
If you are a trans artist who wants to advertise your work here, send me an EMAIL
In the mean time, Happy Pay A Trans Person Day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides Have It

Good Morning, comic fans!
Today IS the Ides of March, and you know what that means. Sadly it means that TransCat Pencil Adventures #5 has come to a close. Don't worry, though! You can catch the whoooole deal on my

All it costs is one dollar to subscribe and you can read my entire back catalog of Patreon Exclusives.

Fret not though, friends. There will be more TransCat coming upon the horizon.
Maybe you've noticed the banner ad at the top of this post? Yup! you read right! TransCat Issue #8 is FINALLY coming out! And oh man, this is the big one. I swear, the wait on this one will be SO worth it! The actual reality of getting this book together was staggering, beyond all the others! I have a lot of cool, fun, extra stuff in there that I worked and waited for, for so long, trying to get it 100% perfect. Well, it's finally there, friends. It's finally there and I cannot WAIT for you to see it!

"When?" you might be asking yourselves? Why, April 8th! That's when!

"Why, what a coincidence!" you might be saying! "That's exactly the same date at Knave Murdok's appearance at the Schulz Museum!" You're exactly right! It IS the same day and it IS mighty coincidence!

As I've mentioned before, I do not have a lot of public appearances scheduled for this year, but in case you haven't heard, I WILL be at the Schulz Museum April 8th to be a part of their "Second Saturday Cartoonist" series. I'll be there, doing art, selling books and signing autographs, and what better way to make the occasion all the more auspicious than to debut my brand new book there?
Now, I'll only be there from 1 to 3pm, so the window is limited! Don't fret though, if you can't make the event, the comic WILL be purchasable through my Online Shop. Obviously.

With that outta the way, there are a few other announcements.

The "San Jose" comic will not be moving forward. The author decided to can it. Very sad. I did get paid for the work I did do on it, so at least there's that. I am working on two other commissions at the moment and if I'm being honest with myself, I'm being lazy with them. After those however, i'll be free and clear to begin/continue my work on TransCat #9. I have a draft that I started a few months ago, but i'm wondering if I don't wanna re-do it. I've had a few ideas since I started that seem like they need to get wedged in there.

Pray 4 Me!!!

In the mean time, look out for more Patreon exclusives! They're coming! Oh boy are they ever!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

TransCat Pencil Adventures #5! Now on Patreon!

Good afternoon, readers! It is March the 1st and you know what that means! A new TransCat Pencil Adventure to help fill that illustrated void inside you! After so long without a new TransCat issue it is the least I can do. This one is for Patrons only though, so if you have not already, hop onto my Patreon page, all it costs is a dollar, and from now until THE IDES OF MARCH I'll be uploading a new page of this new TransCat adventure every weekday!

So a little bit about this new story. This one is called "The Discourse" and it is one in a long series of short comics I penned awhile back that involve gags at the expense of shitty second wave feminists who make it a point to exclude trans women from their activism, and will even go out of their way to make their activism harm trans women. You've probably heard of these people before but for those not in the know, we call them TERFs, or (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) although some have argued the validity of calling them "feminists" at all. Until we come up with a better term for them I'll stick with that one. Sometimes they'll go as far as to say that the word (acronym?) TERF is a nasty nasty slur and you should never ever use it. I have a hard time buying that though, since it is just a brief description of someone's ideals. Just because I'm placing myself in direct opposition of those ideals doesn't make the term describing them a slur.

In either case, I drew this right before Trump was elected, and AFTER he was elected I was thinking "maybe this isn't the right time, cuz like, Trump is a much more real danger right now and making fun of TERFs is kinda like, the smallest of small potatoes now" and I was gonna just sit on this for awhile. Then, the fakest fo fake goths made her way back onto Facebook and suddenly this all became relevant again.

Once again, for those of you NOT in the know, The Fake Goth in question is none other than feminism's own Cathy Brennan. I don't know if she's in any way officially named herself as the "leader" of the TERF movement, but even if not, she sure goes out of her way to make herself a figurehead, and makes sure we all know she's the one doing the most damage.

Among her most heinous of actions is her involvement in "Gender Identity Watch", a loosely confederated group of online stalkers who out trans people to their friends, family, school and/or jobs without their permission. The actions of this group have been at the root of firings, expulsions, disownings and even murders/suicides. Brennan continues to show no sympathy or awareness of her actions. In fact her demeanor has remained, shall we say "cooly antagonistic", which is the best way I can think to describe it. She seems to understand that what she's doing is "wrong" but also doesn't seem to care, and flaunts the fact that she has not been caught, punished or taken to task by anyone in the faces of the people she is affecting. Or at least this is the demeanor I glean from her when I see her actually active on social media (it goes without saying, she gets banned a lot).

Anywho, the crux of the joke about her being a "Fake Goth" stem from an old Twitter profile I think, in which she described herself as a feminist and a "proud goth". Naturally the internet took this and ran with it, because honestly, the jokes write themselves at this point. you can call Brennan a transmisogynist, a shitty feminist, a stalker, a murder, and she doesn't seem to care. Call her a fake goth though and that really seems to ruffle her feathers. i too was once a goth and I understand how seriously they take themselves. So yeah, that's just a little something I wanted you all to understand SO that this comic makes sense to you.
I may be guilty of having a comic with a premise that's a little TOO obscure, but considering I try to go out of my way to make TransCat a very accessible read 99% of the time, I think I'm allowed to have this one :P

Trust me though, for anyone who didn't need to read this little abridged history of the TERF movement, the ending of this comic is gonna be funny as hell!

So TUNE IN TOMORROW for more! Learn more about the ominous figure "Senior Mysterioso", find out what TransCat does on her off nights, and furthermore, just enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TransCat Valentines Cards!

Happy Valentines Day readers, or at least, Happy Last 14 minutes of Valentines Day, as the case my be as I type this.

I don't usually od last minute projects like this but yesterday I got the idea to make these, and managed to pull the whole lot together. They are of course TransCat Valentines Day cards, fashioned in the style of the old themed Valentines cards that they used to make us buy and give out to our friends in elementary school.

The very same kind that made you feel worthless and insecure the first year of middle school when they abandoned the practice. You went from one year, taking home 30 or more Valentines cards, and to the next, taking home zero.  Maybe becoming jealous of someone you know who did manage to get one (or a few) despite the fact that no one was making you give them out anymore.

Ahh, ain't love grand!??

Well this year, you can print out these free cards and give them to that special someone... but tomorrow. You have a good excuse for your lateness, though. Tell them you were waiting to find the PERFECT card, and now you have it!!

Download the cards at my PATREON PAGE and have a SWELL day!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

TransCat Pencil Adventures #4: Unsafety Pins

Happy Black History Month, comic fans!
Now I told you in one of my previous blogs I was going to try and keep TransCat alive during the hiatus with short, free comics as well as some premium content on my Patreon. Well allow me to kick it off with the first of many free short comics, my tribute to Black Lives Matter (plus a short critique on aspects of performative social justice).

In that spirit, please allow me to direct your attention to the BLM donations page! not all of us can be on the streets, fighting the good fight along with these brave people, but with our help, we can make sure they continue to have access to the supplies and resources they need while they're hittin' the streets.


If you have some dough left over after donating to BLM please consider pledging to my Patreon. More content like this is sure to be coming in the near future. Have a wonderful February, hopefully you learn some stuff about black history you didn't already know, and maybe you'll even find a Valentine.

Farewell for now~


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

End of 2016

Hooboy, so yeah, as you can tell i wasn't looking forward to writing and posting this blog. Usually the end of the year post is something where I get to talk about how great this year was and all the big, big plans I have ready to roll out for next year. But if you've been following me this far, you know 2016 was a year of constant struggle and 2017 is going to be a year of near silence for me. so I put this off for three and a half weeks and I finally, finally got up the nerve to talk about how bleak the future really looks.

To reiterate, there will be no new books in 2017. The only thing I'm going to be releasing as physical media is Issue #8 in April (Which, BTW, is available right now in digital form on my Patreon!!!). I am planning for that release to coincide with one of my only public appearances of the year, at the Schultz Museum on the 8th of that month. Please come, it will be a blast.

Additionally there will be exactly one more public appearance in 2017, and so far it is only a theorized one, but I'll dish here since I'm just excited about it. As a Christmas present, one of my very dear friends offered to bring me to a convention of my choice. I at first wanted to say Fanime, but i had to be real, because I knew I'd go to Fanime anyway, even if I wasn't selling there. So instead, I asked to go to Sac-Anime Summer, to which he agreed. Like I said, this is not guaranteed yet because registration of that con doesn't start until the 13th of May, so i guess keep your fingers crossed for me.

That's all for appearances planned for this year, and unless things change for me and my family soon, that's how it looks like it's gonna stay.

On to new comics.
In the absence of printed media i'll be making more of a movie toward digital comics, which will be uploaded on this site as well as some exclusives brought onto my Patreon (once again, please don't forget about my Patreon). These stories are not going to all be officially part of the established TransCat timeline. most of them will be short stories or one page jokes that just take place in the TransCat universe. The official story will only ever be progressed by the numbered issues, when they start coming out again. But since I don't want to leave my readers high and dry during that time, I hope you'll accept some interesting filler. It'll be like Naruto, except good.

I am ALSO officially now employed by comic writer Luis Zavala, drawing pages for his upcoming comic "San Jose", a story about childhood abuse, coping with it and how to escape it. The story is there but the art is still in it's conceptual phases, expect to be seeing more on that as 2017 progresses. It will become my main focus soon enough.

So that's everything to talk about right now. Here's a smidgen of new art I uploaded to my Instagram recently. if you do not have access to that platform for whatever reason.

A nice, shcedenfreude laden respite from the turmoil of the last few weeks.

Hang in there, readers, more is coming. <3 p="">